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:confused: the first time we were having sex he was hard just by kissing me then when he got inside of me he went soft to after about 2 mins then i didnt want to have sex with him again becuse i felt like shit , he didnt seem to care then last night i thort we would hae some fun becuse its his birthday today but he was inside me for about 3 minutes and he went soft, he didnt want me to notice so he tried to carry on but wen he couldnt get it back up he tried using his fingers so when i told him i was tierd coz i felt horrible he went in a mood and weird but he always talks about his ex's and how long he lasts, it honestly makes me feel like shit and when i asked him about the first time it happend he said just forget about it and i said its not something i can forget about and his reply was i didnt even cum, i mean that made me feel even worse. do you thing its me????/:confused::confused::confused::(

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