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Okay I am 16 but i'm a little self conscious of my uhh ''size." I am wondering what is the average size for a 16 year old.
The average size for a 16 year old ranges from very tiny to large. Most men will continue to develop well into their 20's, so you have nothing to worry about.

What is most important is that you are healthy, and happy and are able to have good relationships with your family and friends, that you feel good about yourself and have things to look forward to in your future.

No matter what size a man is, it is far less important than what kind of a man he is inside. All that bologna about "size matters" is a bunch of hooey when it comes down to it. Women are much more interested in a kind, gentle and loving man than one that is simply big.

There has been so much emphasis put on the physical part of people, both men and women that we have lost track of what really matters. Be proud of who you are, and that is the most attractive thing about yourself.

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