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just pull it back up. not just your forskin but the inner layer of your foreskin is what you gotta pull because thats the part that is stuck otherwise everytime you pull it back up its gonna go back down.. youll know you did it right if it feels kinda wierd when you pull the inner skin of your penis back into place. i had the problem my first time having sex and left it retracted for a couple days then it started to hurt when i walked and it was really cold down there all the time so i just pulled on the inner foreskin near the line of your penis which is where it gets stuck under, and just pulled it as hard as i could and it popped back into place.. it should come out and go back into place and stay there. if it doesnt you did it wrong.. just keep yanking on it... just dont have sex for a few days after to give it some time to settle.. otherwise itll happen again.. and if your thinking about keeping it retracted you probably shouldn't because itll leave your penis vulnerable to infections if anything happens to fly in there by accident or something gets stuck there somehow.. protect your manhood!!!

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