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I recently was involved with sexual activities with my girlfriend and we did not use protection. She was a virgin. We used a condom but a few days later I developed scabby lesions on the shaft of my penis and they have only gotten worse in the days since. They vary in size and when removed reveal no cut however the skin underneath contains unusually high red pigmentation and has a thin clear discharge that can be felt and when wiped off on toilet paper can be seen only as moisture without color. The scabs are skin tone for the most part but get white twords the head and in a few areas are redish and sensitive. I've been with multiple partners before her but this is new. The scabs seem to get larger as the days go by and I plan on going to a doctor to get checked out but I'm interested in hearing opinions on what it could be so I know what to have him look/test for. Also in a few areas when the scab is removed tiny cuts are revealed. After looking at multiple descriptions of similar posts I've determined the popular diagnosis is herpes.

Also my girl friend is also experiencing a rash on her labia majora. She asked a doctor about it today during a physical and asked a few other people about it and has decided it was either a yeast infection or a heat rash caused from running in track. Is there concern I could have contracted either of these? She was given a cream for it would a similar product work to heal my problem?

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