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Please read Carefully, thank you.

Hi, about...4-5 months ago, I noticed that my penis didn't look the same as other men's Penis's, I looked into it, and found out, that my penis didn't look the same because I hadn't retracted my Foreskin yet. After a lot of research, I learnt that sex without your foreskin being retracted is painful, otherwise you will have to wear a condom, even this can be painful while the penis is entering the women's Vagina. I saw that there were exercises for your foreskin, and found out that I had a tight Foreskin, I followed the Foreskin exercises for about a month, then just gave up. Recently when I would masturbate, I noticed that when flaccid, i can pull my foreskin back fully, but i'm too scared to try, scared that my foreskin might get stuck behind the glands, and would need urgent medical assistance. Unfortunately, my parents never told me about this, my Mum would only say, "when you're in the bath, pull your foreskin back to wash inside the penis. I can not remember if I could retract my foreskin at that age, as i was only about 5-6 years old, but they never told me that I had to be able to retract the foreskin before sex.

I will probably start to do the exercises again(if they're worth doing), but I will always refuse to undergo Circumcision. I want to be able to retract my fore skin soon, as i am already in my early teenage years, and want to be able to have safe and pleasurable sex with my Girlfriend. We haven't yet talked about it, and don't plan to any time soon, as her and i would find it very embarrassing. when I full my foreskin back while flaccid, and touch it, it is extremely sensitive, which i found is normal, and takes a few weeks until it's no longer sensitive.

Please help, give me tips on what I can do, feel free to ask any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them as long as they are relevant to my topic and helpful.

Thank you!

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