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When I was 12 I had unbearable cramps for 6 months straight. I went in to an OBGYN with my mom and the doctor had said that I had started my period several months ago and the opening was too small. The next day I went into surgery and it was a fast and painless experience. I was extremely tired afterward but besides that, I went to school the very next day.
My period is stable and I am totally fine as far as I know. I don't take birth control pills or anything.
It's been 3 years since the op and I still can't put in a tampon. When I try, I just feel unbearable pain like I just got hit very hard. When I personally inspected down there, it's totally normal.
My first attempt at masturbation was awkward. I can stick in one finger only, but I feel no pain. I can't exactly tell if I hit orgasm or not.
Now that I am older I'm extremely curious about everything and even though I don't have a partner, I wonder if I can even have sex in the first place. I haven't tried to masturbate in a while. I'm very scared. Will I be able to have sex?

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