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Re: Oral sex
Aug 27, 2003
First you should consider stop counting on how many times she has given and you have given...kind of useless to do that because that is like keeping score. Keeping score is never a good thing when it comes to a relationship. It woud be like saying well I paid for dinner this many times so she needs to pay for dinner this many times. Kind of silly to think like that. When it comes to sexual acts it shouldnt come down a number.

Another thing you can do is talk to her about it. Offer to wear a condom flavored or nonflavored to see if that will help her. Second dont be upset that she cant wait to spit your semen. It doesnt have to do with her love for you. Chances are it has to do with a taste and feel issue. I use to spit when it came to my Dh's semen because the feel of it wasnt that great. He was never offended by that and would even follow me into the bathroom or hand me the towel to clean up with. When I did start swallowing he was shocked and even to this day tells me I dont have to. Even after I swallow I head to the bathroom to rinse my mouth because the feeling is gross.
Honestly take a few mintues and taste yourself to see how it tastes and feels in your mouth. You might be a little more understanding of your gf feelings when if comes to giving you oral.
You can also stick to your approach of you wont do it if she wont do it. But talk to her about it and explain how you honestly feel.

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