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Oct 10, 2003
Why is it that girls don't orgasim during sex, but they have no prob by them selves. What is it that we(guys) don't do to get you(girls) off. Do we do something wrong?
Re: Why?
Oct 10, 2003
Ok first you are looking at it all wrong. It has nothig to do with what guys do or dont do during sex.
Women and of course girls are designed differently than men as you already know so that makes orgasms for us not as easily attained as they are for guys. Most women dont orgasm from sex alone. Granted there are some do. Most women need clitoral stimulation during sex in order to have an orgasm. Be it by her hand or by yours it doesnt matter for the most part.
You really should look at some anatomy pictures and do some reading about female orgasms and it can help you.

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