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i am a 17 year old male and i'm very concerned and confused on what's going on with me. me and my girlfriend have been going out for 5 months now and a few days ago decided we're both ready to have sex. we were both virgins and leading up to the actual day, since i knew it was soon to happen, i was very excited. i masturbated the day before and felt perfectly fine, but when the time came i just couldn't get hard enough to penetrate. i had a lot on my mind, with worries and all and once i got hard enough to penetrate i noticed it wasn't as hard as i get when i masturbate. after extensive research that night i began to psych myself out into thinking that something was wrong with me and tried to masturbate to see if i could. i was able to ejaculate but wasn't as hard as i normally would be. i have multiple potential reasons for why this is happening, most of which negative. for instance, could i have erectyle dysfunction or have popped a blood vessel??? im very scared and need any information that can help. is it normal not to be hard during your first time? and is it possible i masterbate too much? we tried to have sex last night and i couldnt get hard... diabetes and high blood pressure runn in my family. or maybe my testosterone is low?

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