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[SIZE="4"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Hi everyone!

I've had some things come up recently, and I don't know where to go to... I decided to make an account and see what other people have to say and advise me... So here's what's up:

I lost my virginity last Monday to this guy I have been seeing for a few months. I have always been nervous about losing it, but this wasn't bad at all. I wasn't in any pain during or after, really... But then again, it was pretty short, gentle, and included minimal positions (well, one, really..)

So, I had sex again yesterday, this time more rough (not too rough) and a lot longer and in several positions. I was in no pain during, but as I was driving home, "down there" was uncomfortable just in general, kind of sore.. I got home, went pee (it was sore to pee), and wiped, and noticed some small spots of blood on the tissue. I figured I broke my hymen. The soreness went away in a few hours, but there were little spots for the rest of the night. I didn't notice any blood this morning, so it had stopped.

I came home today, peed again, wiped, and noticed my posterior fourchett was sore, I got a mirror, just to see I tore it a little... That's what the bleeding was. I THINK (I'd say 95% sure). With this being said, I don't know what to do... Should [B]I get it checked out[/B], or just let it heal by itself? It is sore to touch, and if I spread my "lips", it's sore as well.

When I say "get it checked out", this leads me to the second part: I've never been to an OBGYN. Since becoming sexually active, I think I should... HOWEVER... I'm 16 years old, (17 in three months) I don't want to tell my mom that I lost my virginity. I heard it's common for girls who aren't even sexually active to go to the OBGYN just to make sure everything is okay. I'm a bit nervous to ask my mom if I could go, especially since I don't want her assuming I'm sexually active. Is it ideal for me to go? If so, how should I approach her? Is there the doctor-patient confidentially; if my mom were to ask the doctor directly if everything is ok? (I doubt she would, but still...)

Extra details: the first time we had sex, we didn't use a condom. He didn't orgasm. The second time, we used one for around 90% of the time. He orgasmed, but not in me. I am on birth control, have been for 1.5 years, and take it correctly. He got tested, no worries for STIs or anything. No worries for me, since I was a virgin.[/FONT][/SIZE]

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