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Is THIS normal?
Apr 10, 2005
... having a 5.5 inch penis is a good start if you want to be "big." The average male penis is from 5.00 inches to 6.75 inches. ... (8 replies)
... inches but I am not entirely sure about the teen average. Usually most males will keep growing all the time until late teens. The thing with teen penises are that everyone hits puberty at different times so I don't think there would be an accurate average. ... (2 replies)
... Masturbation doesn't help your penis to grow. ... (4 replies)

... It depends....And everyone is different. We can't give you a definite answer, unfortunately. Penis growth happens during puberty...When you are finished with puberty, so is your penis growth. ... (4 replies)
Average size?
Apr 14, 2005
... The average length for an adult male penis is somewhere between 5.0 and 6.0 inches, depending on what survey you see or believe I've heard that the average is 5.1 and in another 5.5 so you're in great shape length wise. The girth is the circumference of your penis. ... (12 replies)
Is this average?
Mar 3, 2012
... Im a teen and I am curious to now how big my penis should be I personaly feel like my dick is small but I dont really now... Here are the Measures... ... (1 replies)
... growth. For one, my penis is around 5 inches now, maybe half an inch more. It grew to this length all through middle school, and then for much of eigth grade it mostly stayed there. ... (4 replies)
Penis Growth
Oct 31, 2005
... Well of course we can't be sure! I would say your girth is certianly above average, you don't want it any larger. Your length I said a tad under average thinking in terms of 6" being average. Maybe growing another inch would be great, but its certianly big enough already. ... (5 replies)
... the latest studies show average is 5.1 inches erect, for men of all races. ... (4 replies)
... "average size" in teenagers can be all over the board...that's really a vague question. (4 replies)
... i masterbate alot my penis is still not growing i am disappointed can u help (4 replies)
... HOw and where do you measure it from then... what do you mean by the bottom (the base or by the sack) please reply. : D (4 replies)
... D. It's nothing but teen boasting. ... (4 replies)
... If as a young teen you have recently started or gone through puberty you will of course have noticed that you are growing, and probably growing in fits and starts. ... (1 replies)
... I don't know much about penis growth, but I do know that 7.5 is pretty big. 4. ... (5 replies)
... Secondly there is little that a drug can do anyway. Puberty can go until about 21, There is no specific order to when body changes occur. I didnt grow into my penis until I was about 18 or so, Best to just relax and wait . besides.. you are in the average now anyway so even if it stays the same it is nothing to worry about. ... (5 replies)
... I doubt those girls ever got out a ruler to measure their partners, or maybe they are spouting off what they have heard others say. I would say that the average length of penis that will actually go inside is on the order of 4.5". ... (10 replies)
... teen males penis like overall all that stuff. ... (7 replies)
Penis Length
May 9, 2003
... german is that true that the average penis length is 5-5.5 inches? well thats great im 1* with a 6 inch penis. {do not list your age on this board...confine all your sexual health questions and responses to the teen sexual health board only, bfl} (32 replies)
... < deleted > (4 replies)

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