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... Good news Meow...The importance of an unbroken hymen is an old fashioned thing that has no merit in today's world. ... (1 replies)
... et an std . If he broke you did you bleed alittle when you first had sex was it uncomfortable or did you feel pain because if you did you had sex all the way the hymen is nothing to break women can break it by riding a bike or playing sports so you really can't go by that . ... (5 replies)
Err.. hymen?
Feb 17, 2007
... i know way better than that, but im just wondering because of recent things that ive been scared about. i know that your hymen has to break to generally.. "lose your virginity." and before, my mom got me a book about female anatomy and things like that, and they had diagrams and stuff of. well. ... (11 replies)

Err.. hymen?
Feb 18, 2007
... Not all women have a hymen. Some women aren't born with one at all, some women have theirs break through sports or some other physical activity. In fact, I believe that most women don't have a hymen by the time they have sex for the first time. ... (11 replies)
... The hymen is around the vaginal opening, so if his fingers went inside you, you CAN reach it. Inside the inner labia is your vaginal opening with the hymen there as well. The opening is very small and when your hymen breaks and the opening is large enough for sex, etc. ... (4 replies)
... I horseback ride 3 times a week i guess. I heard about the Hymen breaking thing, and i need help. I DO NOT want to stop horseback riding, and i do not want to break my Hymen either. Plz help me and tell me if it is true about me breaking mine. I am practicing for Jumping, Dressage, and Barrel races. ... (1 replies)
... worrying about breaking it or not.It will eventually break if it wasnt broken already.Its natural.. ... (10 replies)
Sep 21, 2009
... fold. First, and foremost, the hymen is NOT an indicator of whether or not she is a virgin. You have to get that out of your head. A girl can break her hymen any number of ways that have absolutely nothing at all to do with sex. ... (5 replies)
Err.. hymen?
Feb 18, 2007
... hmm. well. maybe i don't have a hymen. but what im wondering is... isn't the hymen like the real opening of the vagina? ... (11 replies)
Breaking the hymen
Mar 30, 2005
... Keep in mind, a hymen isnt necessarily broken during sex. It is typically broken before hand. It can be broken during athletics, tampon insertion, pelvic exam, or during sex. ... (2 replies)
Aug 31, 2009
... How far deep is the hymen on a woman located? ... (5 replies)
... is your hymen, or the remnents of one. Some girls are born without a hymen, others break theirs through exercise, tampon use, sex, etc. ... (10 replies)
Jul 7, 2004
... It can't really be put much simpler than that, the hymen breaks. ... (1 replies)
Mar 30, 2011
... if you had sex a few times and there wasn't any bleeding. does that mean your hymen didn't break? ... (1 replies)
Hymen issues
Feb 23, 2007
... Yes it's definitely possible for the hymen to break and not bleed. I never bled! Hm I'm still not sure about the ball of tissue you are describing but I'll try to look into that. I'm sure it's a normal thing.. ... (6 replies)
Err.. hymen?
Feb 18, 2007
... It was my pleasure to post it. I know that I would have loved to have had someone to throw all my questions and worries at when I was your age, but unfortunately I wasn't as adept with the computer as you are. The hymen is a piece of tissue that partially covers/blocks the entrance to the vagina. So if you put anything inside - a tampon, your fingers, a penis - you're... (11 replies)
... Okay well i have a question about the whole hymen thing and a lot more....... well i am a younger teen and i want to have sex with my boyfriend. I am a virgin and he is not. ... (6 replies)
Jun 28, 2004
... Its actually kind of dumb but I dont really think it would hurt to ask. How do you know if your hymen isnt broke? ... (0 replies)
... well im sure u have had your menstral cycle now.. so if u use tampons u may have already broken it and you wouldnt really know because the blood from the hymen would mix with the menstral blood. or u could have broken it a long time ago. ... (6 replies)
... she examines you they can tell whether your hymen is intact or not and whether it will cause you any problem. ... (6 replies)

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