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... I haven't masterbated for two weeks and the bruising isn't going. ... (5 replies)
... Anyways, I've been pretty sexually active recently and my girlfriend has a thing for my penis head, she's sometimes a tiny bit rough with it, rubbing my penis head with her fingers and opening up my lips on my penis head. ... (3 replies)
Bruising on penis.
Oct 25, 2005
... I have bruising on my penis. It's not the skin its the actual top bit. ... (15 replies)

... Most males go at it pretty hard at some stage or another. It should never cause bruising. Get it checked out, Geoff (5 replies)
... If my bruising isn't going by next Monday I'm going to tell my parents and then I'll get a doctors appointment I guess. ... (15 replies)
Bruising on penis.
Oct 31, 2005
... The best 'cream' out there for bruising is called Arnica. ... (15 replies)
Bruising on penis.
Oct 31, 2005
... If that's the case then it will soon disapear and your worries will fade just like the bruise. Your penis has basically suffered a minor traumatic injury from vigorous masturbation. You'll be fine. ... (15 replies)
Bruising on penis.
Oct 29, 2005
... I agree with Doooom. Wait another 2 weeks and if it hasn't faded, make a appointment to see your doctor just to get checked over. Meanwhile see the Pharmacist for some brusing cream for your Penis. If your embarassed to talk about it, say you got it caught in your zipper or something. Dont worry ok. :) (15 replies)
Bruising on penis.
Oct 28, 2005
... Bruises on the Penis do take longer to heal. But if your concerned see your doctor. ... (15 replies)
Bruising on penis.
Oct 27, 2005
... How long exactly have you had this bruise? Do you remember maybe banging into something or having a feeling of instant pain on your penis? More information would help in discovering what you might have... (15 replies)
Mu penis hurts
Sep 11, 2005
... Masturbating 3 or 4 times a day may be causing some mild injury to your penis. I don't know exactly what it would be doing, but I'm guessing sort of like bruising internally. Like JinL says, lay off the masturbation for a few days or a week. Let yourself heal. ... (10 replies)
Brused penis?
Feb 17, 2009
... Some bruising we get causes permenant discoloration. If you are not having any kind of pain or soreness, you should give it some more time for the restness to leave. ... (1 replies)
... Its not extrememely discolours just the skin is becoming a bit darker in some places almost like slight scars / bruising, Could it just be masturbating too hard for a long period of time? ps. I found antisepctic cream in my medical cupboard and it seems that it is helping a bit already (7 replies)
... hi, i think you'd know if it was blood. if you mean bruising (blood under the surface), is this through rough sex/masterbation. brusing will settle over time. if you could be more specific, such as exactly where it is, what it looks like, when it occured? i would say if your really concerned, visit your medic/GP and get it checked. (1 replies)
... more than likely caused by rough inserting or bending or when the penis hits the pubic bone ;) (5 replies)
May 27, 2006
... Right, I used to masturbate quite a lot, and eventually it caused bruising around the area in which I hold my penis. It's purple marking with a red dot in the middle.. ... (5 replies)
... First and foremost have your Testosterone checked by a doctor. Low T is the precurser to lack of desire. There are so many reasons but the low T would be the first. (2 replies)
... est in everything on the love side. I get erections and I can ejaculate perfectly but its just not the same. I've just got a girlfriend and Theres no pain in my penis whatsoever nothing coming out of it. No pain when I urinate or anything and I feel totally normal just a lack of sexual desire. ... (2 replies)
... Well that is good to know! When I masterbate it doesn't hurt, it is just really sensitive when i touch the actual bruising. (The bruising in under the skin but on the penis if you understand) (32 replies)
... normal..i'm just hoping that i'm a 'late bloomer'. Also, i'm not sure if other people experience this but when i pull the foreskin back and i touch the tip of my penis its fine but when i pull away it hurts like a bruising way but doesn't seriously hurt, just a discomfort. is this normal too? ... (7 replies)

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