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... what are the little bumps on the head of the penis (0 replies)
... Second, are these bumps in rows around the rim of the head of your penis? ... (3 replies)
... I have these small bumps around the head of my penis. they are skin color and some are bigger than the others. can anyone help me identify these? ... (3 replies)

... i have a bump on the head of my penis near the end of the head. i think i got it from rubbing on my bed. does anyone know if there is anything i can do about this? ... (2 replies)
... Hi, there The bumps may be caused By lack of washing may just be dirt.. ... (3 replies)
... e. I started looking at my genital area more closely and saw i had them in my testicles and the sides were the penus and the testicles meet have mnay small white bumps very small. and i also have white bumps looking like on the head of my penus mostly on the side and on the foreskin also. ... (8 replies)
... well i am cut and they are around the rim of the head. ... (3 replies)
... yeah i think thats what it is, so neosporin or antibiotic ointment, what kind of antibiotic ointment? ... (2 replies)
... You might try using a bit of neosporin or antibiotic ointment to see if that will help heal things up. I suspect its just a friction burn from masturbating that way... ... (2 replies)
... so um these little bumps on the skin of the penus are nothing bad to be worried about? ... (8 replies)
... and I noticed that on some of these bumps on the bottom pubic hairs coming out of them? ... (2 replies)
Bumps on my penis
Jan 19, 2003
... I am under 16 and still a virgin and circumsized, about a year and a half ago I noticed some little skin colored bumps all around the shaft of my penis and going up my penis a few bumps also. None on the head of my penis though. ALso these same whitish bumps are all over my scrotum. ... (0 replies)
... so im 17 im a virgin and i just started noticing tiny bumps growing on the head of my circumsized. they arent by the opening but on the bottom of head by like the lip part? ... (5 replies)
... Im 17 and i started to notice that i have a few white bumps on the bottom of the mushroom area of my penis. These dumps look very similar to white heads only they're very small. ... (2 replies)
... years old and still going through puberty. For over a year I've had little bumps on my penis shaft and head. I have quite a bit of pubic hair, but the bumps aren't really around where the hair is. The bumps are tiny and skin colored and they don't hurt or itch or anything. ... (9 replies)
Bumps on penis
Dec 30, 2008
... had sex twice in my life. although i have had sex i never climaxed, i don't know i think it was because i felt absolutely nothing for the two women. but neither of which did i use a condom. ... (1 replies)
... weeks the penis of my head was red all on one side, sometimes purple, as if it was bruised or something. ... (5 replies)
Bumps on penis
Apr 9, 2006
... after we have oral sex, the head of my penis breaks out in a rash of small red bumps. The first time this happened was about a year ago. It reoccurs about half the times we have oral sex now. ... (2 replies)
Bumps on penis
Dec 10, 2006
... Ok im 18 years old and i never had any form of sex on my life, still a virgin. My problem is that on my penis i noticed i have white bumps on my penis. Ive had them probably since i was 14. Its basically everywhere but the head of it, but by the rime there is 3 dots it looks like. ... (1 replies)
... If they're little white bumps, and if they are around the ring of the head, they are most likely just these little harmless things i get sometimes if I don't clean regularily. Its just a hygene issue man, so wash up. ... (6 replies)

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