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... Precum definately can get you pregnant that is why you must always have a plan of what you would do should you accidently become pregnant while being sexual with your partner. ... (7 replies)
... You can get pregnant without him ejaculating. When a penis is stimulated it starts to prepare the penis for ejaculation.... ... (2 replies)
... therefore, it carries with it a certain risk of pregnancy. Odds are slim that you are pregnant, but there still is a possibility. It also depends on where at in your cycle you were at the time of intercourse. ... (2 replies)

Mar 29, 2004
... You sound a little too immature to be fooling around with any guy. ... (30 replies)
... Absolutely. Any semen that enters the vagina in any form or fashion carries the possibility of pregnancy. You should be using some form of birth control. Regards, Ex (1 replies)
... Yes you can get pregnant by just fooling around with clothes on or naked. Few people also know that the preejaculation can also get you pregnant. I give you props on looking into things ahead of time. ... (5 replies)
... From what you have written, it doesn't sound like you could be pregnant. I think the more important issue is why you are even doing this to yourself? ... (9 replies)
... Oh, well dont let him do that anymore please!! Pre ejaculatory fluids can still get you pregnant. ... (15 replies)
... ere are A LOT of people who posted on this subject, BUT PLEASE ANSWER! I went and read thru all the threads on this, but I'M STILL WORRIED! Ok, my and my bf were fooling around. I've read thru all the threads like a week b4 I went to his house today. He fingered me, and then he had an erection, and he led my hand down his pants. ... (16 replies)
Pregnancy Test
Apr 22, 2003
... cum, can live inside of a woman's body in fertle cervical mucous for up to five days. You only have fertile cervical mucous for the six days leading up to ovulation, at the most. Those are the only days in your cycle that you can become pregnant. ... (3 replies)
... IF your penis didnt go inside then there would be a very slim chance of pregnacy. IF you both are virgin's then no worry for an STD test. Just to make sure, she can take a pregnacy test which you can get at any pharmacy. ... (9 replies)
... It's one of those things where when you are ready, you will know. If you are still having doubts or are wondering if you are ready, it sounds to me, that you are not ready "YET". ... (6 replies)
... days after the first day of my last period, me and my bf were kinda fooling around. I touched him through his undies and probably got some precum on my hands from that. He also got some on his. ... (3 replies)
What is this??
Sep 12, 2004
... No chance of pregnancy from that. You can take semen and rub it all over your vulva and no pregnancy would occur. It has to get inside you. Not merest traces of dried secretions...wet drips of it. ... (2 replies)

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