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... how bad did the circumsion hurt? ... (89 replies)
... Sorry, I didn't read your post carefully and it was insensitive to think you were doing this for a purely cosmetic reason. I don't know anything about PPP or if circumsion will benefit you, and I'm sure you probably already have, but if you do a search on PPP across the boards, there is quite a lot of discussion about creams, etc. ... (89 replies)
... ok im going in for circumsion soon and i got some questions for those who have gone through this.... ... (89 replies)

... :) Since this is a very mature, and important choice to you've made, then you will have to handle it like a man. Go to your dad, or mom, which ever one one, that is easier to talk to and say, "Mom/dad, I would like to be circumsized." :o You can start the conversation out by asking your dad, why you were not circumsized as a baby??? Regardless of his answer, you can let him... (17 replies)
... skin bulges above the frenulum band right behind the glans, and I believe that is the part where it needs stimulation. My question is, does this mean I will need circumsion in order to reach orgasm off of the opposite sex? ... (3 replies)
... I understand what you are asking and for the most part the answers listed are, I believe, mostly true. However, circumsion will not prevent STDs like clamydia, gonnohrea, syphilis, HIV, genital warts, etc. ... (5 replies)
Dec 11, 2004
... if u masterbate many times a day, try to stop for a while. i think circumsion plays a role in this too. ... (3 replies)
... whoa whoa.....i do understand the fact circumsion will not cure ppp, i do understand this isnt gonna fix my life, i do understand this whole procedure stinks but something i wanna go through with,i do understand there is a lot of people counting on me and wanna hear what i have to say about it when its all over in which is why i created this topic... so please do not... (67 replies)
... Why are you doing this again? I could never imagine chopping off my foreskin I mean it's your choice but you will probally loose a lot of feeling down there, and sometimes it doesn't have feeling at all I hear. I would think carefully before doing this, but what is your reasoning for getting a circumsision? (67 replies)
... Well they closed my other thread "going in for some questions" so here is the new one (on topic) i will post all of my results sometime in early july(when its done) if anyone wants to share results please do so... (67 replies)
... Just like to mention that I had 2 operations at the same time. One was circumcision and the other was getting my ppp burnt off. I`m not sure whether just going in for circumcision will get rid of ppps that already exist. Maybe you might just want to get them burnt off and see whether they come back before you go in for circumcision. :wave: The operation took about 45... (89 replies)
... Dude you should go online and look at pictures of male circumcision. If that doesn't show you, I don't know what will. *shivers* (89 replies)
... i sure will geek usa but like i said it will be after june 18th (most likely beginning of july) so just hang in there with me :) (89 replies)
... i will post all my results and how everything turned out i promise.....this topic is just getting started... (89 replies)
... i have a friend who has been through it...and everyone has pretty much sumed it up. it really does hurt....i dunno if it's worth it. (89 replies)
... thanks for ur input dad asked my doctor to recommend a surgeon for this and we have found one.....we plan to make a appointment after june 18th (after i get out of school) nervous... (89 replies)
... Sorry for not being able to reply immediately ihateppp!!!. The doctor left my frenum(spelling?) intact. I don`t have any lumps in that area that you have mentioned. After the operation that area was wrapped so I wasn`t able to get a good look at it but it seemed ok. :) Hope that I have been able to answer your question. (89 replies)
... thanks Imanewbie that was EXTREMELY helpful.....i think im gonna go on with the whole procedure but i do got another question for ya if u dont mind..... ive looked at some pics of the scar on the internet and it looked like a big lump right below the that how yours turned out? or was that maybe how it looked at first cause of all the swelling? (89 replies)
... Sorry I couldn`t get back to you sooner. From my experience I can tell you that....... 1) The only part that hurt was when they injected anaesthetic into the base of my penis when the operation started (on a scale of 1-10... I`d say that was close to a 10). It lasted about 2-4 seconds. After that everything was ok (since I couldn`t feel a thing). 2)I had the co2... (89 replies)
... hey man, this comment really worries me. I think maybe you need to talk to a counsellor about this. I know it's embarassing but you need someone you can trust to get all this off your chest. I'm really worried for you. Geoff (89 replies)

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