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... Yeah i know, its a little sad, but i am honestly a little too embarrassed to buy condoms at a store, and im just about to be 19 years old. Everytime i prepare myself to buy some, i always get the worst luck and see someone i know near me. ... (10 replies)
... definitely do the self checkout! i was embarrassed too when i first bought condoms. i think i spent a half hour walking around the pharmacy area waiting for the coast to be clear. ... (10 replies)
... First of all, you really need to just suck it up and do it. ... (10 replies)

... You are not alone. Alot of people are scared even me sometimes. What helps me the most is i go to a store thats not close to where i live so i dont run into anyone i know. The last time i bought condoms I purchased some snacks and other things so i dont just come to get "condoms". ... (10 replies)
... hem up later this week or early next. My biggest problem is that im broke, i dont have a job, so i cant afford buying a lot of things at once. So i will probably buy the condoms, some chips and a car magazine or something. ... (10 replies)
... No need to be nervous. I work at a place where we sell condoms. ... (10 replies)
... Well what u can also do to avoid embarrassment from buying them and also not having to worry about having enough money, you can go to a clinic. They often have baskets of various kinds of free condoms. When i was younger i used to go there to get mine. Hope this helps Good Luck!! ... (10 replies)
... Ok this may only help you once a month but its free and very confidential. If u go to the trojan condom website u can fill out a free sample to get one sent to your house you can only do it once a month and it comes in a small white box or a small brown envelope. ... (10 replies)
... And even though my husband has no problems at all, sometimes he likes getting those simply because it gives him more time. So it's not like buying the control condoms is an automatic red flag that you have a problem. Frankly ... they wouldn't mass produce them if there wasn't a high demand for them. ... (10 replies)
... Problem is i need the "climax control" kind, they're new, and its for a little problem of mine. (10 replies)
... go to a walmart or somewhere like lowes foods that have self checkouts. then you will be the only one to see what you have. i know they have those in your area. hilton head has one of each on every corner.. ... (10 replies)
Buying Condoms
Jun 19, 2005
... I used to be nervous when i was going to buy condoms. But now..its plain and simple. Actually I just bought a Lifestyle pak of condoms the other day and i just went into the store, grabbed them, and went and paid as if it was nothing. DONT be embarrassed. ITs for your own good.. ... (8 replies)
... Hey! Good idea about the self checkout, i just hope a store like Kroger or whatever will have the "climax control" ones, i swear thats whats making it 50x more embarrassing. Hopefully ill do it tomorrow. (10 replies)
... I'm a sixteen year old boy and I've been ready to have sex for a while. I buy my own condoms, and I feel that my girlfriend and I are ready... ... (5 replies)
... You might have to say something... tell him in a nice, suggestive way that you would love to have an orgasm during sex. Maybe he can hold off for you to have an orgasm, then he can let himself go too. ... (14 replies)
Condom Questions
Aug 29, 2003
... Buying condoms is not age restricted. You can buy them at any pharmacy as well as in most large chain stores such as Target. ... (8 replies)

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