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... when i had my first time having sex it hurt really bad and i bled for 3 days but if it hurts too much make him stop becuase you dont want tearing. ... (4 replies)
... hi wel im just new to this message board but i really need someone to help me.. yesterday i had my first time having sex and i was ready.. but now i feel scared.. i used protection and everything.. ... (4 replies)
... Ok..So a couple of months ago, me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time. It was great. It didnt really hurt for her either. It was her first time having sex also. She has a vibrator and masturbates frequently. Can this by the reason it didn't really hurt for her. ... (6 replies)

... how long does the pain last when its your first time having sex (1 replies)
... I recently lost my virginity and well the first time doing it, it hurt but the pain wasn't unbearable. Also The first time having sex I bled quite a bit so I'm guessing it meant my hymen was broken. ... (1 replies)
... Because these are your first times having sex and you are uncircumsized, then your foreskin receptors respond to pleasure immensely and therefore you climax immeadiately. ... (57 replies)
... I've read all of your past posts. You are still younger than the average age that teens start having sex. You've also mentioned facial hair. ... (6 replies)
... first time sex is always embarising and over way quicker than you want it to be. i remember my testerone at your age i wanted to rut with every female on the planet! ... (57 replies)
... Hey I hope these answers help... The first time is uncomfortable for most people... some very painful.... Secondly there is some blood involved if your hymen hasnt already been broken... ... (7 replies)
... My boyfriend of 3 years and had sex for the first time on monday.I'm 17 . ... (6 replies)
... isn't a problem at all. I have use a vibrator before, it wasn't "huge" though. That kind of hurt, but it was bearable. I have a feeling the guy I am considering having sex with is larger than that vibrator though. ... (4 replies)
... I don't know about septate hymens but I do know that communication on your part is crucial to ease the process, the first time might hurt and you need to make sure you are letting him know right away if it's too painful. ... (4 replies)
... days prior to this, but whenever i go for a second time it always made me last much longer. ... (57 replies)
... I think you should definitely try it. Almost everybody lasts very few seconds their first time and it's nothing to be embarassed about. The only way you'll build endurance is by practicing and desensitizing your penis through sex. ... (57 replies)
... At least you can ejaculate while having sex. ... (57 replies)
... Sex doesn't always hurt the first time, especially if the girl is ready and comfortable with her body. ... (6 replies)
... I'm very thankful that you took the time to type that out. I will listen to my body for sure. I trust my body and I know it will tell me if the time is not right. ... (4 replies)
... time. I really know i should use a condom but its just, i dunno, cant help it. According to everyone it doesnt feel as good with a condom, and i have yet to have sex with a condom. ... (57 replies)
... and i only lasted like 2 minutes, and it wasnt even intercourse. Its a really irritating problem, id try to have sex again but im extremely paranoid that it'll happen again, which im almost positive it will. ... (57 replies)
... lly help you out. If you're worried about pregnancy, you can always use a second birth control method, like the pill. I've been on the pill even before I started having sex for my periods.. I don't get sick from them anymore and now I know exactly when to expect mine! I've never had any side effects or weird problems.. ... (4 replies)

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