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... No, you cannot get pregnant from being fingered. If you haven't gotten your period yet, it's probably from all the worrying. Just RELAX. If you are still paranoid, go to your doctor for a some blood work. ... (1 replies)
... my boyfriend and I were messing around the other night and he fingered me for a few minuetes, if he touched his penis before and some semun got on his finger can I get pregnant from that? ... (11 replies)
... DEFINITELY CANT get pregnant by plainly getting fingered. ... (11 replies)

... if he had ejaculate on his fingers. Spearm DOES NOT die until it is dry, which is not that long, but still there is that chance. you can simply get pregnant by getting ejaculate on the opening of you vagina. You vagina is not going to kill the sperm with be acidic. ... (11 replies)
... you absolutely can and very well might be pregnant from having a finger inserted in your vagina, if the finger did indeed have semen on it. ... (11 replies)
... It takes a penis ejaculating in a vagina to get pregnant. If he had semen on his fingers, it would have to be quite a lot it to do the job. Don't worry, it really isn't the way it works. ... (11 replies)
... my ex boyfriend fingered me in the car about a month ago he hadnt touched himself as far as i knew in the last few hours but im afraid i might be wrong i missed my period completely last month so i took a preganancy test and it came back negative but it was my first time taking a test like that and i think i took it right but im scared because i havent felt right the last few... (1 replies)
... Sperm die when they dry out, which is about 10 to 20 minutes after being ejaculated. So I would say you are safe as long as his finger wasn't actually dripping. ... (11 replies)
... sting on a teenage board. Teens are going to come on here to ask questions and try and gain more knowledge on sex issues. Everyone knows that the education teens get on sex is nowhere near good enough so dont shout at someone when they try and clear something up that they're confused about. ... (11 replies)
... providing he didnt cum all over his finger, and then ram it up you, no, i dont think you're pregnant. next.... (11 replies)
... Yeah seriously you have like a zero chance of getting pregnant. And if your not old enough to understand the ramifications and or educate yourself on what you are doing then you shouldn't be doing them. (11 replies)
... ut I don't think you should worry about it at all. I would reccomend birth control though. It's not a big deal to get, and in addition to helping keep you safe from pregnacy it'll help regulate your periods, reduce cramping and what not during your period, and has been known to help with acne. ... (11 replies)
... IT COULD HAPPEN Oh wow i had a close call with this one. Just try to stay away if you can... Be safer, dont let things thouch, but its better if you 2 agree it doesent matter, if your ready for what happens if things do touch. Dont do things if your both not ready! (11 replies)
... Yes, you can. (11 replies)
... Please reply fast, im gettin worried (11 replies)
... this but it may have been you that was wet, and not his finger. Also, if his finger didnt go literally into your vagina then you wont be pregnant. Usually, when being fingered it is clitoral stimulation, which you cannot get pregnant from. ... (13 replies)
... Okay Im worried out of my mind. Im in my teens and I was with my boyfriend tonight. He fingered me and I accidently touched his semen with my hand. ... (7 replies)
Jun 9, 2006
... wrong to be fingered. and it does not always lead to sex, it's obvious you've both made it clear that sex is not going to happen. If you've never excperienced being fingered, then I hate to say it, but I do believe you're missing out. As I'm sure you know, you cannot get pregnant from fingering, so I do not see any issues. ... (2 replies)
I need help!
Jul 31, 2006
... Extremely slim chance that you can get pregnant from that. ... (3 replies)
Scared to death!
Jun 4, 2003
... Hi, I'm new here. Well, now that that's out of the way I really need an answer to a problem. On Saturday I was with my boyfriend, I gave him a handjob. I fingered me, but he didn't touch himself before he did it. I got stuff on my hands, but I didn't finger myself afterwards. ... (8 replies)

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