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Strange Scent..
Jan 21, 2007
... Anyway, as time went on, I grew to love it. Before I knew it, I'd do anything just to sit there and perform oral on her for hours on end. She of course loved receiving oral, so she had no complaints! ... (13 replies)
... ugh my head like, what If I am to small, what if I can't stay hard, what if I can't orgasm! And this totally stresses me out. Even when she ocassionally performs oral sex I start to go limp, I know it should feel good, but I cant enjoy it! I know this can't be a physical problem! I am ONLY 17. ... (4 replies)
Varying Endurance
Jan 13, 2009
... I'm no doctor, at all, so my word shouldn't mean much. ... (2 replies)

I Need Help!!!
Apr 6, 2007
... basicly, me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost 7 months.. we're really into each other and all that.... when we get intimate, i usually help her reach an orgasm by oral sex usualy. ... (6 replies)
Aug 22, 2004
... low socioeconomic status." The study pools figures from different countries in a dubious methodology. No significant difference could be found between circumcised and intact males within any one country. ... (12 replies)
... g sex the foreskin would always roll up and over the head of my penis during the outstroke, impeding sensation to the head of my penis. Now that the foreskin is no longer there, there's nothing there in the way and the sex is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better to the point of being just awesome. ... (89 replies)
... I'll be having sex tonight, and just want to know a few things. The left side of my penis aches. I also noticed a shaded "V" there. It's like there's no skin there underneath. I'm not really sure if that was there before, or not. It's only noticable erect, and if I pull the skin back, you can't see it. ... (1 replies)
Thrush and sex?
Dec 6, 2010
... My girlfriend has thrush, she's taken medication and used cream for around a week now and says she feels no more discomfort. ... (1 replies)
... Hey everyone, I signed up here just for this question, some suggestions, some support, anything. This is really painful for me and I can't seem to get answers that make sense. I've been with my boyfriend for just over six months, we've been best friends for over a year and he liked me while he had his previous girlfriend. I felt pretty bad about that and tried to deny that... (5 replies)
HELP! So scared
Sep 6, 2007
... It is unlikely ( though still possible ) that you have caught anything. As you live in England and im assuming you are 16 or over you dont need your parents to go to the doctors and they are not ortherised to tell anyone if that is your wish. (7 replies)
HELP! So scared
Aug 29, 2007
... I have never had sex but have had oral sex. Both me and my girlfriend haven't had any previous sexual partners or been involved in anything with anyone else. ... (7 replies)
... a while ago, i was having oral sex with my girlfriend. ... (2 replies)
How do I improve?
Dec 19, 2006
... I recently turned 18 and I've been having sex with my girlfriend for about 3 months now. She is 17 and we have a really good relationship but I can't seem to satisfy her sexually when we are having sex. ... (5 replies)
... My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little more than 4 months now. ... (4 replies)
... If my girlfriend and myself are both complete virgins (no mutual masturbation, oral, anal, or vaginal sex), is it possible to get any type of disease or virus from each other? (3 replies)
... and me and my girlfriend have just started having sex. But its been kinda difficult because im having problems getting erections and keeping it up. ... (1 replies)
Jun 13, 2005
... this may sound silly, but I just want to clarify that one can contract STDs through oral sex. ... (7 replies)
Jan 13, 2005
... i was wondering if it was ok to ask my girlfriend to give me head, she's usually the one to iniciate it but i thought i would ask for it. and what sould i say. also, what if she says no? ... (4 replies)
Oct 1, 2004
... I'm an 18 year old virgin and i have been with my girlfriend for nearly 5 months now. We have not had sex because i havent been able to maintain a strong enough erection when we are about to have actual intercourse. ... (1 replies)
... was feeling the i.v. line when it was inserted into my arm. I experienced absolutely no other discomfort or pain whatsoever, and I mean none, as in zero. The thing about not being able to have sex for months is a myth. ... (67 replies)

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