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... Try something for me. During those 5-20 mins. Keep looking at will look disgusting to you...but keep looking at it anyway. Think about what it really is and what it means. Eventually, youll see it like this all the time. What happens is you realize how utterly stupid a certain thing called lust is, and that a large percentage of the human race are completely... (3 replies)
... t goes. I'd say most guys experienced this. That said, there's nothing stopping you from getting another erection, and another condom and going right back to it. Girls tend to love a man that can go several times, it doesnt' have to be one long marathon ending in only one orgasm. ... (3 replies)
... Anyhow, I'm now dating a little here and there, but I'm a little worried that the next time I'm given oral sex and ejaculate in a girls mouth that she'll get upset. ... (5 replies)

... I am 18 and having problems with early ejaculation. I have had sex over 30 times with 5 different girls, so i dont think this problem is just from young age. I often find myself getting depressed and not desiring sex. I am constantly embarassed, and more and more nervous when its time to have sex. I thought it has to do with something mentally, but i believe its because I... (1 replies)
... Hey guys i need your help, Ok i get erections very easy over little things like a hug or a kiss or hold a girls hand or anything like that, Not only that i pre-cum badly and im wondering cause i get erections very easy and pre-cum like that does it mean im gunna have premature ejaculation?? I really need to know cause i have a g/f and we haven't had sex and i don't wanna... (5 replies)
... 1. Start using lube. You don't want a calloused penis, do you? Use hand lotion or a product made for sexual activity. Actually, use a good quality hand lotion for a while to help soften up the skin. 2. Cut back on the maturbation. If you go without for a couple of days before seeing your gf, you will be much more likely to have more exciting conclusion to oral. ... (2 replies)
... I think you are worrying unnecessarily.The more you masturbate or have sex,the less you will ejaculate,it's normal! When I have sex with my man,we like to do it as many times as we can.The first time is always quite a bit ejaculate,but by the end nothing is even coming out. And it can take time to build back up again...So that explains why after a month you had your pre cum... (1 replies)
... I'm sure this has contributed to it. If you are very concerned, maybe you can try masturbating earlier in the day so you have a little bit of a release and won't run into this problem. It should get better later on.. it's kind of like building up a tolerance or something. Also, when the time comes for you to have sex, definitely use a condom. They have many kinds that help... (13 replies)
... Perhaps it would help people come up with a solution if I explained my situation further: I never masturbate, and I have had very little physical contact with girls so far in my life (13 replies)
... I've been having this problem for about the last year or so. I'm 16 years old. I get an erection very easily around girls. The other night, I was "grinding" with this girl at a dance, and i started getting an erection. So I had to suddenly stop, to stop the embaraasment. Sometime when I touch with a girl, I feel as if im going to ejaculate. second probelm is when i... (1 replies)
... for the record..i cannot feel when my boyfriend ejaculates inside me... we have had sex a lot..and only a select few times have i felt it..and this is usually only because its slightly warm. tootles--kikki is right..ejaculate is hard to miss. usually it will just come right back out of you after he does it..or if it has just been a little bit all i have to do is put my... (5 replies)
... I've been told most girls can feel when a guy ejaculates inside them (while not wearing a condom). But as for precum, I dont think there is a way to tell. But as said, if you had sex without a condom, theres a very high (we're talkin 99%) chance that he expelled precum. (5 replies)
... Listen to what cardman says, most girls definitely won't want you to ejaculate on them. If or when it does happen, its not going to matter to the girl what distance you hit. ... (3 replies)
... honestly...most girls wont ask you to ejaculate on them..thats more seen in porn dont get ur hopes up on that. Other than that.. ... (3 replies)
... Well This Might be your first time with a girl yes i remenber mine i precumed alot to but after you get the feeling of being around girls he wont happen so much it well get better and its your body you should not be worried about what she thinks. ... (5 replies)
... Im a 17 year old male and have been maturbating heavily ( at least once a day) for the past couple of years. i have no issues ejaculating when masturbating. I am circumsized and i do not use lube when masturbating... ive had oral sex from 2 seperate girls totalling about 15-20 times now without being able to ejaculate. i figured at the time that maybe they were just not... (2 replies)
... that is when a girl gets turned on...and i dont think girls 'ejaculate' really, that is wat a guy does when sperm comes out of his penis. ... (3 replies)
... Obviously there will be some ejaculation mess around her mouth, do she just wipe that off with her hand, or run to the bathroom or what? ... (9 replies)
Jan 31, 2004
... im not sure about girls, but i started masturbting at about 11. (1 replies)
... maybe im in the minority, but i think female ejaculation is incredibly sexy. ... (3 replies)

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