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... this subject and I'm not sure if I could say anything that has not been said, but I can share my experience with you if it will help anyway. I too have a longer labia and even to this day, I get worried how I look "down there". ... (37 replies)
... I will say that MOST women have inner labia that are visible, to some greater or lesser extent. Typically only babies and small children have these "invisible" inner labia one sees in men's magazines. ... (6 replies)
... out of 100. Girls in media, and girls I know, all have small ones and I've heard guys make fun of big ones, calling them "meat drapes, flaps, curtains" .. etc.. and how ugly they are. ... (6 replies)

... That really did help. I hoped i could get some advice from somone a lot more expierenced. A lot of advice from girls around my age say labiaplasty isnt worth it and whatever. I looked it up. ... (37 replies)
... Oh my god, I need help. I have been stressing over the EXACT same thing. K so theres this guy, that i really like, and he likes me too, but we;ve never hooked up or anything. I just broke up with my ex boyfriend who "loved" my longer labia. (one side is longer than the other inner labia) I was so embarassed about it at first, and i think he could tell and he told me he loved... (37 replies)
... that maybe he'll think im gross. i always hear boys use the term "meat curtain" or "roast beef". and make jokes about girls being "overused" due to their labia appearence. and ive always been afraid of a boy thinking that about me. these thoughts worry me everyday really. ... (37 replies)
... if this is in fact your labia you are talking about then don't worry, every women is differant. ... (14 replies)
... At 16 alot of guys have hurtful nasty things to say about girls they have been with they explain what their vagina's look like with their friends...................... When i was in high school........... ... (37 replies)
... ve a vagina like that. so i dont get much help in that department. and its not like a bunch of guys think its normal either. or understand that it doesnt mean a girls has had sex with everyone. actually i dont even understand how having sex would affect the inner labia at all. stretching wise. its kind of ridiculous. ... (37 replies)
Labia issues
Jul 24, 2012
... A lot of girls worry about this. ... (5 replies)
... That's the big secret that a lot of girls your age don't realize. So, don't even worry about it. ... (2 replies)
Labia and clitoris
Jun 14, 2004
... If you haven't found an anatomy illustration yet, here is the short answers. Your labia are the lips around your vagina. You may find them referrred to as inner and outer labia. ... (4 replies)
... Welcome to this site. Since none of the girls have answered as of yet, I thought your question deserved an answer. Females like males have all kinds of different features. ... (6 replies)
... ecame noticeable, back then i thought i had deformed myself from masturbating. I now know that this is not the case but am still very self conscious about it, my labia minora are 2. ... (6 replies)
... honestly i do know my are bad. they make a bad buldge when i wear a bathing suit or underwear. the inner are bigger than the outer. they hang down. my outer lips dont even make contact with each other at the front. i shaved the whole thing the other day, and thats when i noticed how horrible it looked. i feel duisgusting. how coudl a boy ever like that at all? especially... (37 replies)
... Yes, if you have your lips hanging out it is normal, as already mentioned try looking at some anatomy books. Inner labia hang out with some girls, with others it does not, every women is differant, if a guy freaks out about anything natural about your vagina or vulva than he's a moron - to put it nicely. (14 replies)
... i hope this post helped a bunch of other girls too embarassed about it to ask anything. ... (37 replies)
... for a while ive wanted an answer from more expierenced girls, instead of girls currently going through what i am. ... (37 replies)
... A lot of girls get stressed over what happens to their vulvas when they hit puberty. ... (9 replies)
... hi yes i am a boy but im not i am considerd to be a girl ok unfortunatly some guys from my experience most but thats just my opinion are evil and just see girls as toys or sexual objects and i don't no but that must be horrible just relax you are probibly really nice if they don't like it then thats their problem if they really love you then they won't care what you look like (37 replies)

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