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... My guy friends tell me they won't even date a girl if she doesn't give head. Shallow, yes, but if he knows he wants it and she won't give it up he'll find someone who will. ... (6 replies)
... Do guys hold it against a girl if she wont give head? ... (6 replies)
How do you give
May 30, 2003
... how do you give head? ... (3 replies)

... it's all give and take my friend. IF you are both ready. At 13 I thoroughly doubt that. ... (16 replies)
OCD related
Oct 2, 2004
... id not like them, and actually had gone to a straight site before so was pretty hard. That went away fast. But since that, I have been asking myself if I want to give a guy head. Like, I would visualize it, and almost convinced myself I wanted to give a man head. But, then I shake myself out of it. But it is reaccuring. ... (6 replies)
Need advice
Nov 23, 2001
... here i am with another question..sorry...but anyways, on wednesday, i went over to my friends house and there were these two guys there and i told them i would give them head...don't ask me why...they are both soo cute and i figured why shouldn't i, you know? ... (5 replies)
... mins of it but i enevr seem to orgasm... i dunno if its me or her she scraps her teeth sum ... i give her pointers n stuff to not scrap ehr teeth but she still does. i think im too big 4 her mouth or sumthing... ... (6 replies)
... I say find a private spot, and then without friends have her give you head. ... (6 replies)
... about sex and sex lives, cause i've seen my share of porn hah, hey i'm a guy what do you expect, but she isn't too familiar with anything. anyway, she went to give me head last night. she would go down, suck for a bit, come back up, kiss me a little, go back down, come back up, etc etc. ... (8 replies)
Scared girlfriend
Aug 14, 2004
... l her what you like if you've done it before, just take things slow. If she's scared just to do it let her know she can do it when she feels comfortable, she can give you a handjob and she can give head when she feels comfortable with it. Just keep things as pressure free as possible and she'll be ok. ... (3 replies)
Cant give orgasm
Jul 28, 2004
... When i give my bf head or even a handjob i can never get him all the way. he may come close but never the "big blow" can you help? ... (4 replies)
... Both can give him pleasure. ... (4 replies)
Oct 24, 2006
... Ok i have a question iv done everything but oral sex because iv always thought it was kind of gross do guys like to give head to a girl or do they do it just to please and girls i just need help with the whole thing.. ... (3 replies)
Oct 11, 2005
... hey, it's hard to give head, and do all the things that we know you guys like, whether it's fast, slow, deep, lots of tongue movement, or any combination. ... (3 replies)
... My girlfriend wants to give me a blow job but i am not circumsized. Do I have to roll it back or can I leave it. ... (4 replies)
... its illegal, your obviously 18 or over, and she is 13. One it is quite wrong, and two if she decides to charge you or her parents do the law will most likely not give you a break. And on top of that..the parents what they will do if they find out, shesh. ... (16 replies)
... yes, im fairly sure it is illegal, theres a thing called oral rape, shes not the legal age to give consent... ... (16 replies)
What causes PPP
Jun 13, 2004
... What causes Pearly Penile Papulas. Can it be cured.. is it because your penis is dirty. if i give head or a hand job does it affect anything that would normally happen :wave: (0 replies)
... t first just spread the lotion around. once he's fully coated, squeeze a little tighter, and slide your hand up and down the shaft making sure to slide over the head as well. You can ask him how tightly to grip. I'd say imagine you're holding a baseball bat and don't want it to slip out of your hand. ... (6 replies)
Need advice
Nov 23, 2001
... I think your first thing to do would be to try and set out an evening, and sit and think about maybe why you feel you like to give head to almost strangers. ... (5 replies)

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