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... this subject and I'm not sure if I could say anything that has not been said, but I can share my experience with you if it will help anyway. I too have a longer labia and even to this day, I get worried how I look "down there". ... (37 replies)
... that maybe he'll think im gross. i always hear boys use the term "meat curtain" or "roast beef". and make jokes about girls being "overused" due to their labia appearence. and ive always been afraid of a boy thinking that about me. these thoughts worry me everyday really. ... (37 replies)
... I don't think guys will think it's gross at all. In fact, some men may find it very attractive....Sort of like some women like large male members. I wouldn't worry about it. ... (2 replies)

... y I can pull on it and it doesn't hurt or anything. It looks like a growth! LOL, like not even funny though because I am really self concious about it. The other labia is completely perfect and fine, and then this one is gross and gigantic. HELP! is this normal? ... (2 replies)
... it seemed like he had some trouble. and got tangled in them a bit. its the first time hes done it. do you think he thinks im gross now? ... (37 replies)
... Mine outer lips dont even come in contact in the front. and the inner labia are so big. i hate it. I feel like im an extreme case or something. I see myself everyday in the mirror. when i take a shower. ... (37 replies)
... xperienced. I don't mean to sound mean, but he probably hasn't seen too many vaginas outside of playboy. If he has, he probably wouldn't make comments about long labia being gross. It is absoultly normal, even common. ... (37 replies)
... i found it more irritating when i did have hair. just because it made it itch. its more exposed now. but its a littlemore comfortable. and thank you i will =D (37 replies)
... I agree with everyone here who has told you that your labia are perfectly fine and that no guy will ever have anything to complain about, if he's lucky enough to be visiting down there. ... (37 replies)
... akes a huge difference as to whether he was actually insulting YOUR labia, or just stupidly repeating something he heard without any real reference to any actual labia he has ever experienced. Maybe he saw some porn once where a woman had incredibly huge labia and it was too much for him, but yours might be wonderful. ... (37 replies)
... You have to realize that you ARENT deformed by having a longer labia! Every vagina is different. NO ONE has a "perfect" looking vagina that you find in mag's and porn...............those are airbrushed and unrealistic! I was insecure for years!!! Not 1 man said anything negative to me. Some even loved it! IF he said something to you about not liking laonger... (37 replies)
... ink its normal either. or understand that it doesnt mean a girls has had sex with everyone. actually i dont even understand how having sex would affect the inner labia at all. stretching wise. its kind of ridiculous. ... (37 replies)
... Well I was just fresh in high school 4 years ago and I remember what we actually though of labia being long and all that. ... (37 replies)
... Oh my god, I need help. I have been stressing over the EXACT same thing. K so theres this guy, that i really like, and he likes me too, but we;ve never hooked up or anything. I just broke up with my ex boyfriend who "loved" my longer labia. (one side is longer than the other inner labia) I was so embarassed about it at first, and i think he could tell and he told me he loved... (37 replies)
... of guys are as narrow minded as your boyfriend, and as far as I am concerned, longer inner labia is a good thing, I wouldn't worry at all, from what I have seen haveing longer inner labia is not at all uncommon. ... (37 replies)
... Don't worry about what your inner labia looks like. Like you my GF has longer inner labia, and like most fellas, I find that very, very sexy! ... (37 replies)
... OMG! When I was eight I help my grandma move out of her and my dead grandpa's house and I found Penthouse for the early seventies. They were all loose in the labia department! ... (37 replies)
... First of all, that was an extremely hurtful thing for your boyfriend to say, and I really think you need to break up with him. You should never, ever, EVER allow a guy to say something that hurtful and let him get away with it. There was no reason for him to say it, and it just shows what a major jerk he is. You deserve way better than to be with a guy like that. Please... (37 replies)
... My inner labias are longer than my outer. And i have some extra skin where my vaginal hole in, due to my hymen being broken by a tampon. Will guys find me really gross? My current boyfriend has made a comment about long lips being gross. and loose. and i was extremely hurt to hear it. are guys usually like that? we havent done anything. but now im afraid to. I have no idea... (37 replies)
... I wouldn't worry overly much at this point. Give it a few days and try to "pop" it. It is possible to develop pimples on your labia. I know it sounds gross. But it does happen. My main advise to you is when you try to pop it do NOT be too forceful. If you don't get the popping feeling and relief of the pressure. Leave it be and try again another day. If after a couple... (1 replies)

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