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... Hi the title explains everything......that i want to quit masturbation but i 21 years old n im doing masturbation from the age of 14...n i dnt have any girlfriend.. ... (19 replies)
... That guy is a sick freak because He said that he will slap a boy who had masturbated more as he can identify that easily by checking his pulse. ... (17 replies)
... ust going to get the release it needs all on its own. And you know what I'm talking about. There's no need to stop completely and in fact, it's said that regular masturbation ensures all your parts are working properly and it's good for you. ... (2 replies)

Masturbation Help
Sep 20, 2010
... Now from what I've gather from my mothers new found religion is that sex isn't off limits, but after some research masturbation is 'forbidden' because it supports lust, and the 'need' to masturbate. Which I don't understand. ... (15 replies)
... week is no big deal. Masturbation may help you learn to control things a bit but in my experience...there isn't much it'll do when the time comes for the real thing. ... (4 replies)
... There is a guy who owns an Hospital to cure mens who are having ejaculating problem. ... (17 replies)
... Personally, your description of his actions sounded a bit creepy to me. It really isn't usual for a guy to ask if he can masturbate during a makeout session. ... (12 replies)
Apr 30, 2013
... Hi everyone am a young guy,i have a good sexual organ and have amazing hours of sex with my girl friend. i broke up with my girlfriend because of my religion,i decided to follow Christ, and as a follower of Christ i cant keep girlfriend or i will start doing what is recognised as Fornication. i broke up with her with no reason,and since then i have been able to stay with... (2 replies)
... I have been masturbating since I was 14 and now I'm 17. I feel like it has stunted my growth because during freshman year I used to be taller than this one guy I know. Now I notice my face has shrunk a bit, and my height has not really increased over the years. ... (2 replies)
Masturbation Help
Sep 19, 2010
... We have an open and honest relationship, where any subject is OK to discuss. Masturbation included. I know my son masturbates because he is a healthy normal teenage guy. ... (15 replies)
... The guy is trying to sell you something. If you had a zit, and he was selling zit cream, you would be saying, "he must be right". ... (17 replies)
... one thing they may have not told you is that you cant pee (right) after ejaculation because of the way we are so having an urge to pee after masturbation is actually like the other guy said a way of cleaning it out try waiting til your completely down til you pee and make sure its all out (11 replies)
... I am extremely skeptical to the information that this guy provides but he seems to explain things very well, like he knows what he's talking about. ... (11 replies)
... Well, almost everyone masturbates, and most masturbate regularly. In fact, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't. Even those "nice" people masturbate :-) Your neighbors masturbate, your mailman masturbates, your doctor masturbates, your coworkers masturbate, your boss masturbates. I promise. I have a strong feeling YOU think less of yourself for masturbating, and so... (15 replies)
... disgusted....I suspect things will be OK. You sound like a normal healthy guy to me. Sexual things change for us from time to time, it isn't always going to be like it was in the beginning. ... (9 replies)
... ng wrong with it. It doesn't mean that you don't "love your parents". It just means that your beliefs on the subject are different then those of your parents. Masturbation is not an act of the devil. I'm sure God is sitting up there wondering "What is she apologizing for? ... (13 replies)
... does any1 have some masturbation tips for a teen guy. ... (1 replies)
Wet dreams
Jan 30, 2008
... Theirs no set amount of time. Depending on the guy! You could have dozens, in a year, compared to only a dozen for the next guy. Masturbation may help with the wet dreams. You might try it and see. ... (2 replies)
... I recently mentioned this to some guy friends in a story about getting caught masturbating, and got lots of strange looks. Am I the only guy who masturbates this way? ... (1 replies)
Oct 23, 2006
... esteem growing up has put me in more situations than I like to remember where I thought a guy cared about me, when he really was only interested in how far he could get with me. ... (25 replies)

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