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Guys shaving
May 14, 2006
... i do the same thing to my pubic hair, and the little red bumps are just irritation. they itch at first, but if you keep shaving then eventually they will not itch at all. ... (19 replies)
... Would you guys suggest letting your pubic hair grow for like 3 days then shave because it seems to come off easier. OR shave everyday. I use to do that and i got little bumps most of the time. ouchy! ... (4 replies)
Guys shaving
May 7, 2006
... but it always anoys me and I get rid of it by either shaving or using Veet. I used to keep my pubic hair shaven as well, but now I have hair from my chest to my pubic area it liooks stupid to have a bare patch and my boyfriend likes the hair and threatens to leave me if I shave it off anywhere else than my balls! ... (19 replies)

... have recently had this argument about if guys should shave their pubic hair I agreed on tey shouldn't have to shave but should trim. what is your thoughts? ... (4 replies)
... It's getting pretty common for guys these days to shave their balls, just like it is for girls to shave. I think that most girls wouldn't be scared off, and if she doesn't like it you could go back to trimming. ... (18 replies)
Shaving pubic hair
Feb 27, 2001
... ney, it's sore because the skin is not accustomed to having a razor scrape the top layer of skin off. Secondly, you will always have stubble within a day or two. Hair grows nonstop. That's why us guys need to shave every day. Waxing is probably a better solution but painful. ... (6 replies)
... Why do so many women seem to want to shave! There are some guys around, :wave: that really like it there!! Guess its the new fashion? (17 replies)
... Yea I know it thickens, but Is there alot of guys out here who shave alot and have really noticed the thickness? ... (7 replies)
Mar 21, 2006
... shave pubic hair? ... (19 replies)
Guys shaving
Dec 5, 2005
... old male and I tried shaving a large portion of my pubic hair the other night. ... (19 replies)
... As far as pubic hair goes. I think all men are different in what they prefer. But what is most important is what makes you feel the best about your body. ... (12 replies)
... If you feel uncomfortable with your pubic hair, then shave! But if you want the hair there, don't change it just for him. I'd definitely keep it trimmed and groomed.. ... (3 replies)
... minutes. Trim the hair before you shave. Use shaving cream instead of just soap. ... (9 replies)
... I read about how guys shave there butts all the way from under the penis to the hole and i was just wondering, how do you guys do that? ... (1 replies)
Why me??
May 14, 2005
... well im 16 now, and i have no facial hair at all, i mean i can shave and like 5 sprouts on my chin will come back. ... (9 replies)
Shaving Question..
Jul 11, 2006
... odd for guys to want to shave their pubic hair off? ... (6 replies)
... I just want to know different opinions of what women prefer about guys pubic hair. Do they like it better if a guy doesn't shave or trim at all or if he does trim or shave, or what? ... (3 replies)
Some questions
Jun 22, 2004
... Guys have hair and we expect that. It doesn't look bigger and it doesn't feel better either since most pubic hair is softer than stuble. Keep the razor above the belt, baby! ... (11 replies)
Shaving Question..
Jul 27, 2006
... that he has seen, shave their pubic hair. ... (6 replies)
... Mine is only 4.5" hard and a tiny 2" when soft. I keep my pubic hair trim to give the illusion that its bigger. But if I shave it all, when soft it looks rather boyish. I'm guessing your son is referring to his size when flaccid. His is probably the same size as mine. ... (9 replies)

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