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... Personally if I were you I'd wait for a more sensitive woman to be with for your first time!!! The fact that she's the "kiss and tell type" puts me off completely. Not to mention the fact that she lied to you about her being a virgin. ... (7 replies)
... My boyfriend and I just had sex for the first time lastnight...and it only lasted about a minute. It was a 1st time for both of us and I was just wondering if it will last longer the more we do it...? ... (8 replies)
... though i'm only 16 so it sounds naive, i have no doubt in my mind that he'll be the man i marry, and he feels the same way about me. he lives far away, and the last time i visited him we came very close to having sex, but i had thought about it beforehand and decided it was best not to. ... (7 replies)

... I think DECREASING stamina is closer to what you're thinking you'll need! Or at least slowing down the effect of your stamina! ... (1 replies)
... My first two times were with a girl I didn't want to sleep with but I was drunk and confused, they were short too, it was two to five minutes. ... (7 replies)
Viagra question
Aug 29, 2001
... Do I just swallow the pill and how long do i have to wait till it takes affect? ... (3 replies)
... Hey everybody! I don't want any of you to take this post offensively. I just wanted to let all you virgins out there know a few things. ... (12 replies)
... Um, let me stop pontificating and answer your questions directly. ... (4 replies)
... It's one of those things where when you are ready, you will know. If you are still having doubts or are wondering if you are ready, it sounds to me, that you are not ready "YET". ... (6 replies)
... or do the blank ones have no protection? ... (16 replies)
Lasting in sex
Feb 28, 2005
... particularly the posts saying you can only make it worse by worrying how long you'll last. ... (9 replies)
... Some people bleed, some don't. Personally, I didn't bleed during sex, but bled after and it was not like period blood either. I would imagine that you might bleed during, don't freak out or be embarrassed about it. I would bring a pad just in case, i would imagine that you might be a little sore for a tampon. ... (8 replies)
Jan 17, 2003
... Of course you are confused! You're 16! The best thing to do is take your time. ... (6 replies)
... The only way you'll find out is if you do it. It sounds as though the Kegel muscle will be effective in your case. Just practice while masturbating a few more times and see how that turns out. Then, go ahead and take it on for the live round. ... (57 replies)
... singling you out is just the nature of teenagers.. seriously.. ... (3 replies)
Ejaculation time
Sep 4, 2003
... I guess from reading the other posts from guys who get nervous and can't get it up that you should feel lucky. ... (4 replies)
... Some girls have contractions during their orgasms that can last for over a minute after that really intense feeling stops. Not all girls do this and it's perfectly healthy either way. ... (6 replies)
Lasting in sex
Feb 28, 2005
... Me and my girlfriend lost our virginity together and the first proper time it was about 20 mins, which is more than we usually go for now we have worked out positions and stuff. ... (9 replies)
Am i too young???
Jul 19, 2002
... You wouldn't believe how many times I thought I was in love when I was 14.. 15.. 16, etc. But I didn't really know what love was. Hey, you can't describe love... that is something that you don't KNOW until you REALLY experience it. And sometimes that takes a while... ... (19 replies)
Err.. hymen?
Feb 17, 2007
... okay... this is gonna be really long since i have so many questions it seems like. ... (11 replies)

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