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... on average how long does sex last (2 replies)
... how long does sex last on average? ... (3 replies)
... If you mean intercourse, 3 to 6 minutes of constant thrusting by the male is about average,though many males can reach orgasm much faster if they are excited, or last much longer if they are anxious, experienced, have recently had an ejaculation, etc. ... (2 replies)

... Sorry I know I have lots of questions, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how long actual intercourse lasts? ... (10 replies)
... I agree with the above poster.. you can make it how long you want usually, depening on how fast and intense it is. Most people I know don't actually do it for HOURS every time.. but you can of course.. ... (10 replies)
... Do what you feel is necessary to satisfy your other, and it, then, really doesn't matter how long you extend the action... ... (3 replies)
... What is the average penis size including length and girth? ... (2 replies)
... Of course a man can last longer than two minutes. Some men can last hours, others can only last a few seconds. ... (10 replies)
... seconds their first time and then couples that go for hours. I wouldn't even know what the typical average time would be because I hear so many different numbres. ... (2 replies)
... I disagree. A man can last as long as he wants if he understands his own body. If sex is required for 2 minutes or 2 hours, it is entirely possible to last the desired length of time. Of course, a man who is sexually inexperienced or unaware might have control problems. But that is another discussion. ... (10 replies)
... Depends on what you mean by "sex". The entire experience might last from mintues for a quickie, to all night. ... (3 replies)
... Depending on the situation, I've had it last from 15 minutes to 3 hours. ... (3 replies)
... Basically all day they were having foreplay, its all in how you look at things. Foreplay is as much mental as it is physical. ... (10 replies)
... Sex is far more than just intercourse. Depending on the couple, the mood, the setting and other factors a sexual experience can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as you want it to be. ... (10 replies)
... The average time, for a male, from insertion to orgasm is around 2 to 3 minutes. ... (10 replies)
... kie in the dressing room of a dept. store or a beautiful night of love making. You can tear off a quickie in 2 min. if you have to, or take your time and make it last for as long as you want. There are times when it just up to want you can do with where you are. ... (10 replies)
... Yeah it all depends on the guy.. I've never heard of any of my friends only having sex for 2-3 minutes though! That most likely wouldn't give the girl enough time to orgasm. (10 replies)
... i would say though, that generally it is very difficult for teenaged males to controll them selves and be some sort of kuma satra master, haha... i suppose it also depends on your relationship w/ your partner. honestly, if i were single, looking for a hook-up after the game on friday night at a party or something i wouldn't really care if she finished or how it felt for her;... (10 replies)
... And usually when you're drunk that makes you last longer... and masturbating isn't like sex so that won't really help you last longer as a way of practice...but unloading your load just a few hours before sex might help though. ... (7 replies)
... but what's the average time a man can thrust without reaching orgasm? ... (7 replies)

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