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... Look man, I hate to brake it to you, but you poor boys will be at the whims of females for sex for the rest of your life... even after your married. Dont ask yourself "how can I get my GF to have sex with me? ... (7 replies)
... seconds their first time and then couples that go for hours. I wouldn't even know what the typical average time would be because I hear so many different numbres. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I am 25 years old and "waited" until I was ready to have sex. ... (6 replies)

... Hi I recently had sex with a girl I've been seeing for a while now. The sex was very short. I of course warmed her up with foreplay and oral before entering. ... (1 replies)
... Now I rarely think about it at all, and it's a shame because I finally have a girlfriend who is willing to have sex with me and yet I really don't care about it that much. ... (1 replies)
Telling mom (sex)
Apr 27, 2004
... she would have done the same thing if I had asked her or told her I was ready or thinking about having sex. ... (9 replies)
... You can break your hymen by doing lots of things, really athletic girls tend to break theirs long before ever having sex. You don't necessarily have to have sex for it to break. But that doesn't mean you've lost your virginity, you still haven't had sex. ... (3 replies)
How long...
Dec 29, 2004
... Part of your decision to have sex should factor in your readiness to deal with the risks and potential consequences of those risks associated with having sex. For some, the slim chance of a life changing pregnancy is enough to say no. To others, the small risk for potential consequences is worth it. ... (6 replies)
... If you think it would be hard to go to your mom now for birth control, just imagine how hard it will be to go to your mom should you turn up preggers.... ... (21 replies)
... ok thanks. i want to make one thing clear. he put the condom on and then took it off then we decided to have sex. after we had sex.. he never orgasmed.. but we wanted to make sure there were no holes because there was precum.. ... (21 replies)
Telling mom (sex)
Apr 26, 2004
... ime but she always reminds me that when she thinks i may have sex i should come to tell her and she would talk with me and then get my on BC pill and i just want to be prepared how should i go about telling her this when the time comes, what approach should i take. ... (9 replies)
... a month for the cheap kind. ... (21 replies)
... Sorry I know I have lots of questions, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how long actual intercourse lasts? ... (10 replies)
... The only time I'd worry about not lasting long enough is during sex. When I'm giving a BJ, which don't take this the wrong way because I do like giving them, I'd rather them be short than long. ... (2 replies)
SEX= wrong??
Feb 25, 2002
... Yeah everybody thanks a lot. I know I'm worth more than this. I want a boyfriend so bad where if I have sex with him I know I'll still have him in the morn. But you don't understand...there's like no guys out there. All they want is sex and head sex and head sex and head and it makes me so mad. ... (15 replies)
Teen sex
Jul 20, 2008
... Its okay to have fun but PLEASE be SAFE!!! ... (11 replies)
Teen sex
Jul 20, 2008
... If you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to either be parents, or figure out how to prevent parenthood. ... (11 replies)
... Dang, when did long become a problem, I missed something, but anyway have to get on top with her back to you. It works every time. ... (9 replies)
... If on birth control pill then you should be aware of what the pill does, how it works and your doctor should have explained to you how to use it effectively already, if you did not understand your doctor then you should have asked. ... (7 replies)
... Alright, before I start I just wanted to let you know I am an idiot. I think I have just ruined my life, my girlfriends, and our kids. ... (21 replies)

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