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The first time
Mar 1, 2009
... how long is it normal to last the first time (2 replies)
... If you mean intercourse, 3 to 6 minutes of constant thrusting by the male is about average,though many males can reach orgasm much faster if they are excited, or last much longer if they are anxious, experienced, have recently had an ejaculation, etc. ... (2 replies)
... I also found it difficult to get me back up the second time. ... (57 replies)

First time pain
Aug 9, 2005
... and very thick. I start to worry regarding the pain and did not go for it. I know that not all girl hurt for the first time but most of them hurt a lot. I am small in size 5'2" only and my vagina opening is very small, I can't use tampon due to it is painful. This make me worry more. ... (30 replies)
Girls first time
Jan 31, 2009
... Corrr no the last thing im doing is pressuring. This all really came out of her asking me if i wanted to, and i said its totally dependant on how she feels. ... (9 replies)
... It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I have a few questions. I'm sorry if this is long, but I would really like to have some answers if it's not to much trouble. ... (3 replies)
1st time
Jul 8, 2006
... That's about how long it was for my first time.. so yes it can be normal. I have heard about the guys who have sex the first time and are too excited and don't last long.. but it is fine for a guy to last much longer especially if they have done other sexual things, or if they are nervous.. or simply can last longer! ... (6 replies)
... Some guys can't even make it to insertion, some will come on the first stroke, some can last a couple of strokes, some will manage a full half minute or even a full minute, it will take some many minutes, others 20 minutes and some will never get there. ... (8 replies)
... Okay. I have kinda the same problem... ... (57 replies)
... I think DECREASING stamina is closer to what you're thinking you'll need! Or at least slowing down the effect of your stamina! ... (1 replies)
... Now I'm not saying your gf is mean, or that she isn't very nice, but man, that certainly isn't a very nice thing to say. She obviously isn't very thoughtful about the effect saying something like that is having on you. ... (57 replies)
... Personally if I were you I'd wait for a more sensitive woman to be with for your first time!!! The fact that she's the "kiss and tell type" puts me off completely. Not to mention the fact that she lied to you about her being a virgin. ... (7 replies)
... Since the first time, when it hurt for her, it's gotten better but it's still uncomfortable for her during sex. I'm wondering how long it's supposed to last before it starts feeling good... I feel bad that she's not enjoying it fully. ... (2 replies)
... I lost my virginity about a year ago and since then I haven't had sex...meaning intercourse....the girl I lost my virginity to told everyone around my school I couldn't "get it up" but really I was a virgin and didn't last long.... ... (6 replies)
... it was sort of a brown color.. like how it usually is at the end of my period and it was really light as well. also i had cramping for about four days which is longer than usual. ... (3 replies)
... Personally, I wonder exactly how comfortable you can actually be with this woman since she lied about being a virgin. Are you sure this is the woman you really want to be with? ... (7 replies)
... Lazer I feel you man. I lost my virginity a couple of weeks ago and I was in and out in about a minute of constant thrusting. But, I was good to go in about 3 minutes flat. I don't know if that is how it is with you. ... (57 replies)
... I did research a bit, and i havent really found the solutions i was looking for. There isnt much advice on how to fix the problem or anything, then again i might not have looked deep enough. ... (57 replies)
... Look, don't be discrouraged! We can blame tv, and porn video's for the most part. What we see often on tv, and at the movie arent real! No one last for 15 to 30 min. of pumping with out spilling the goods! lol..This isn't the average for most men! ... (57 replies)
... Hi, I am 25 years old and "waited" until I was ready to have sex. ... (6 replies)

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