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... So the hymen is at the back of the vagina? ... (12 replies)
... Many people are under the impression that the hymen is located within the vagina. ... (12 replies)
... Thisby, These are excellent and appropriate points, but because of questions that have been asked here before (as well as to me personally - outside of the boards) I would like to take the question one step further. It seems like it is most commonly believed that "Virgin" is the term given to someone who has not had penis to vagina intercourse. People have asked if they... (12 replies)

Hymen location?
Jun 21, 2009
... The hymen is a thin membrane of skin that protects the vaginal opening leaving a smallish hole for menstrual blood and discharge to exit. ... (3 replies)
... This is what I always thought too. Hymen very near the opening, cervix at the back. ... (12 replies)
... This is not right at all. The hymen is nowhere near the cervix. The cervix is at the back of the vagina, the hymen is right at the opening, visible to the naked eye. They are about as far apart as they can get and still be associated with the vagina. ... (12 replies)
Popping the cherry
Oct 25, 2005
... "Popping the cherry" is just an expression. There is nothing you have to do, and there is no cherry to pop. It represents - in women - breaking the hymen, if they still have one, as WilNC said. If they do still have one, it may bleed during intercourse when it is stretched or torn. That's about it. btw, I actually find this a really rude expression. And it's also a very... (12 replies)
... It's best to leave your Hymen alone. ... (6 replies)
... A hymen will usually rupture even if a penis is only partially inserted! Regardless of the penis size. ... (12 replies)
... it is exactly "someone who has not had sexual intercourse". What you are confusing is the role the hymen has in the status of one's virginity. ... (12 replies)
Jun 19, 2003
... WHen ur cherry or hymen is 'popped' is it really 'popping" or is it like making a larger slit in ur clit? ... (7 replies)
Popping the cherry
Oct 24, 2005
... hence popping her cherry. ... (12 replies)
Hymen location?
Jun 20, 2009
... What's it supposed to look like...? I thought it was something that'd fit more along the lines of, um, that saying, "cherry popping"? The only reason I wondered if it was somewhere inside is because of books I've read with sex scenes, they sometimes say that the they don't feel it until the guy's all the way in. I mean, if it's at the entrance, wouldn't you feel it like,... (3 replies)
Sex and hymen
Mar 9, 2008
... m what you are feeling is your cervix. It is suppose to be there, it is attached to your uterous. When I first had sex, I had no bleeding or cramping. When your hymen breaks it doesnt always bleed. Hopefully you was using protection. Look on the net or antomony book, and see how the female body is made. ... (2 replies)
... Honestly...."virgin" is not a medical or scientific term for a person who has not had sexual intercourse. A hymen can be broken by doing other activities such as horseback riding or strenuous excercise. Like one of the above posts said...a woman can be born without one. ... (12 replies)
... I agree it's a dumb expression, some girls are actually born without a hymen as well, but with or without makes no difference whether it will hurt the first time you have sex. ... (12 replies)
Aug 19, 2004
... No its just a stretchy piece of tissue across the opening to a girls vagina.. some girls don't even have one and they don't all bleed. There is no popping sound either, its a stupid phrase. ... (15 replies)
... cherry popping" was basically considered breaking of the hymen through vaginal penetration by the penis. Women were considered virgins if their hymen was in tact. ... (4 replies)
... Your post is very confusing. How can have had sex with her without popping her hymen? ... (3 replies)
Jun 20, 2003
... A hymen is a thin layer of tissue that partially covers the opening of the vagina. ... (7 replies)

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