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... but anyways yea I have no desire to have sex right now either. I always think that maybe somethings wrong with me , but meh I just remember that I have a lot of time to have sex in the rush! ... (4 replies)
... i've been going out with my boyfriend for bout 6 months now.. and he wants to start getting sexual. this might be weird.. but i've never been aroused or even thought about having sex. is something wrong with me? ... (4 replies)
... I have a big problem with knowing when a guy is interested in you. I am 18 and I still can't pick up on singnals. There is this one guy that I think likes me. He and I always talk. He always says things to me that are sex related and he always wants to be around me. ... (7 replies)

... girlfriend, your perceptions are probably a bit skewed. We tend to look at the negatives of things like this, when in fact, it is VERY common for a 17 year old to have never dated anyone. ... (4 replies)
Smell issue....
Feb 5, 2006
... We have been dating for a little over a month, and havent done anything involving sex yet. He has fingered me, though he never asked for any "return favors". ... (7 replies)
... i understand what u mean.. when i was with an ex of mine, he would go down on me and he would finger me but i honestly didnt get anything outta it. i didnt enjoy it n looked for excuses to not have to do that. ... (3 replies)
... it's one of life's aesthetic pleasures, but I don't even fantasize the next step, let alone take it. This guy, whether he knows it or not, is a predator. ... (18 replies)
... nyways i showed her and she kinda looekd at it and touched it and poked it a lil with curiosity and my freind put her hand on my penis and started moving and the he let go and she gave me like 4 10 sec hand jobs not enough to get full erection or anyhting. ... (4 replies)
... tend to be cautious when a guy want's things, they want to make sure a guy is really interested in her, not just in sex with her. We want to make sure that a guy isn't trying to just use us, you know? ... (10 replies)
B/f help ASAP
May 23, 2003
... Well, I've been in similar situations. ... (4 replies)
... ourself over this but do try to learn from it...the guys who "aren't the type to use girls", really are, sorry to say. Not to sound too insensitive, but when guy is given the opportunity for no strings attached sex, they're going to take it, thye're like that when they are 18 and they're like that when they're 45. ... (21 replies)
... The idea of having sex doesn't appeal to me at all. The thought of it makes me shudder, to be completely honest and I just can't imagine having it. ... (3 replies)
... Hey everybody. This isn't a sexual health question at all really, but I wanted to post here cause the people I like getting advice from usually hang around in this forum... ... (14 replies)
... I don't think it necessarily means anything at all. Yes, there's the very real possibility that he does find you attractive and would be interested in you sexually, and you being on his mind a lot could influence his dreams. But think of the dreams you have. ... (6 replies)
... me time last year i reconnected with an old guy friend of mine whom i've known since i waas basically 3 we'll call him tim. so tim and me got along great he felt he could talk to me really easily and confided in me about this girl whom he's like loved for a few years who also happened to b one of my really close friends. ... (2 replies)
... I am not afraid to tell my parents if I am interested in doing it like most people. But I'm SO EXTREMELY afraid that if I do that he will think I'm dumb or something. I don't want to do anything wrong or stupid. ... (19 replies)
Nov 2, 2005
... So you'll "do anything he wants," but what about what you want? ... (5 replies)
Jul 22, 2005
... Over the past few weeks my friend who is a lad has started taking to me about sex, if i was interested in having it with him, ect lots of other sexual things he has been talking about. As well that he doesn't want a serious relationship. This came as a shock to me. ... (5 replies)
... d that age..and, since I was a young kid I had a crush on my best friend's older brother.. we actually ended up "as a couple" for a while. Everyone's always told me I looked quite a bit older than my age, so it wasn't so much of a big deal, it ended because HIS mom said she would kick him out...anyways.. ... (6 replies)
... Well this is pretty much the exact same situation I was in and posted about a month ago. You helped me out with that a lot then, and made me feel a lot better. I was also aware of what the outcome of my actions would likely be, and gave into temptation anyway. ... (21 replies)

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