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... First, your penis is ok, don't worry about that. When the penis is covered with the foreskin and can not be retracted that is called "Phimosis" but you say you can pull the skin back somewhat so that is a good thing. ... (1 replies)
... So i am pretty worried. My penis skin is attached to tip of the penis head. I heard that is pretty normal for a teen. But another thing is that my penis has this stickyness. IDK what to call it. I often get like small lint inside of my penis and it is pretty stick but its pretty easy to remove it. ... (1 replies)
... it feels like the inside, tip of my penis is torn or cut and drops of blood come out of my penis. When I go pee, the very first drop that comes out is blood and then it's clear. Also, when I squeeze the tip of my penis, a drop of blood comes out of my penis. Would like to know what's going on? ... (1 replies)

... The person who invents a way to make the penis bigger, would be on every news show, every talk show, and would be able to pay the national debt out of his wallet. ... (3 replies)
... Ok, Heres my opinion. I dont think it has anything to do with the vitamins but it is always a possibility. I experienced a similar phenomenon when i was about 16. ... (7 replies)
... ounds perfectly normal. The vagina has an extreme range of contraction and expansion. If my girlfriend isn't turned on, I cannot insert even my smallest finger inside of her. On the otherhand, if she is aroused, I can fit the entire length of my penis inside, even though I am 8.5" long. ... (12 replies)
... it seems to me that nobody is really answering her question. she's not asking for an argument over literal definitions, guys, she just wants to know whether or not it's ok to say "i'm not a virgin" or "i am a virgin. ... (10 replies)
Sex hurt
Jun 16, 2006
... e sex with my bf for long time but he still cannot enter me although I use a lot of lube, foreplay and very relax. When he try to enter me, I feel like my vagina is stretched to its limit, when he push in a little bit more, I am in a lot of pain and feel like my vagina going to split into two. ... (9 replies)
Am I Pleasing Her?
Dec 16, 2005
... thats fine its fun getting there......but to me thats what a erect penis was made to do..... ... (6 replies)
... There actually is a somewhat common cause of 'invisible smegma' like this. ... (5 replies)
Stuck Shrunk
Jan 19, 2009
... I am young, and haven't fully finished puberty. In other words my penis hasn't started growing yet. ... (5 replies)
My Penis Bleeding
Jan 17, 2008
... Is it just a little bit, or is it gushing? ... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone and thank you for reading my post!!! I have a few problems with my penis that have being worrying me greatly, any answers will be greatly appreciated!!!!! I have just turned 16. ... (2 replies)
Penis EEK!
Oct 14, 2006
... was completely exposed, then it is likely that these adhesions are just the normal things that hold foreskin to the glans in the infant and young boy. ... (10 replies)
Pre cum
Jun 4, 2005
... Like the others have said, a guy that produces precum usually doesn't feel any definite sensation when the fluid begins coming out, it just starts oozing out, either in tiny amounts or more substantial little globs or just a slow steady ooze. ... (10 replies)
Aug 19, 2005
... I was just wondering, when I measure my self, I get 5.5. But, if you push back that extra layer of skin that your public hair grows on, I can get another . ... (9 replies)
... if there would be more friction if he was cut since the foreskin kind of slides up and over the head during thrusting...but I dont know if this is a plus or a minus. ... (5 replies)
... seconds. I don't know where you got the minutes things from, but that's silly!!! The only way they can last that long is if you get several in a row. ... (6 replies)
... i would have to masturbate in front of her for a long time, and both of us are tired of that. she would like to make me cum, so bad, and i would also like to cum inside of the condom while we're having sex. ... (0 replies)
... It could be that his penis girth is a bit small for the condom. When there are problems like that it is very natural to loose an erection as well and make it worse. If it's happened before thiswould make him anxious. Don't blame him. ... (5 replies)

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