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... My boyfriend fingered me the other week but I don't know whether I am still a virgin because one moment I read that you are a virgin if you have been fingered and then the next I read that you are not a virgin so I'm confused please help. ... (6 replies)
... Don't worry about whether or not you have an in tact hymen or not. You are a virgin until you allow a man to have sexual intercourse with you. ... (5 replies)
... I am 19 and I found a 16 year old girl who is a virgin too, I really like her and I want to go to the next level in our relationship. I am just wondering, should I tell her I'm a virgin? ... (6 replies)

... u know .. it's very imp. ... (5 replies)
... it seems to me that nobody is really answering her question. she's not asking for an argument over literal definitions, guys, she just wants to know whether or not it's ok to say "i'm not a virgin" or "i am a virgin. ... (10 replies)
... I think virginity is overrated nowadays anyway. Whether you are or aren't really doesn't mean much anymore. Unless you're actually preserving yourself for religious reasons, it just really doesn't matter anymore. ... (4 replies)
... When you marry someone you love and you tell them they are your first they will know that is the truth. A man can't tell whether or not they have "broken you hymen" unless you bleed and not everyone bleeds the first time they have sex. You have NOTHING to worry about. ... (5 replies)
Aug 7, 2005
... Im 18 and still a virgin and I know EXACTLY how you feel. I too only have one friend who is a virgin and she is younger than me. I often feel like I want to have it, but deep down, I know I want to wait. I mean, it's not hurting anything by not having sex right? ... (16 replies)
... I could tell whether they seemed to have experience in how to have intercourse or how to give pleasure to their partner. This isn't a fool proof way. ... (6 replies)
... You can never tell for sure. If her hymen is intact, then she probably is a virgin. If it isn't, then she may or may not still be a virgin. If she wants you to know, she will tell you. ... (1 replies)
... it will be your second time and there won't be much of a change from your first time. But, if you're getting serious with him, it shouldn't really matter to him whether you're a virgin or not and you should just tell him. ... (19 replies)
... nd my boyfriend. I didn't have sex til I was ready, and it was with a guy I knew for 6 months before doing anything with, but we were only dating for a week. I know it sounds slutty, but no one knows and it was a completely mutual thing. We were both virgins and he didn't pressure me, but no one knows. ... (10 replies)
... There is absolutely no way that you can tell whether a girl is not a virgin. Not by watching how she walks...not even by a gynecologist examining her. ... (10 replies)
... s no sense in wondering if what you did in the past was wrong, because it's the past and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm pretty sure that deep down you know whether or not you were ready, truly wanted it to happen, and loved the person which would then determine if it was right or wrong. ... (47 replies)
... i no this sounds stupid but i really dont know whether im still a virgin or not. he put it inside me not for long i didnt bleed and it didnt hurt but that could be because it didnt get all the way up. im so confused, help! ... (1 replies)
... It seems like it is most commonly believed that "Virgin" is the term given to someone who has not had penis to vagina intercourse. People have asked if they are still virgins if they have had anal intercourse, and for girls, I believe most people would say 'yes. ... (12 replies)
... term partner. As for you being a virgin and she having sex already, I strongly believe that the whole virginity thing is overrated. ... (6 replies)
Virginity :(..
Aug 1, 2003
... Many things can cause the hymen to break. Like exercise can break the hymen. Your still a virgin if you broke your hymen with a finger. ... (2 replies)
... In some cultures, virginity is still required before marriage and despite the inaccuracy of the test, it is still performed. It involves checking the hymen to see if it is still intact. If it is, the woman is deemed to still be a virgin. ... (3 replies)
Just wonderind~~~
May 16, 2005
... When you are ready. I know it sounds like the cop out answer but thats it. ... (6 replies)

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