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... Every lips are different, the same as the penis. Some are small some are long but it,s nothing to be worried about. ... (3 replies)
... what caused my vagina lips to be so long (3 replies)
... I had these bumps on the inside of my vaginal Lips and they were never painful until me and my partner started to have Sex. ... (1 replies)

Long vaginal lips
Nov 28, 2005
... How true!! LOL :) (20 replies)
Long vaginal lips
Nov 28, 2005
... Few guys will care and some even like it. In all probability, he will be more concerned about what you are thinking about the size of his penis than he will be thinking about the size of your labia lips. (20 replies)
Long vaginal lips
Nov 28, 2005
... I assume you are talking about the labia minora??? I have the same problem...I'm 51...on my 2nd current hubby thinks it is beautiful...I think that most men will not care...My husband thinks it is sexy to have an enlarged labia minora. I also have an enlarged clitoris...but my labia minora is very large ( I have never had it measured, but it is large)...has... (20 replies)
Long vaginal lips
Nov 27, 2005
... im really insecure about my inner vaginal lips. they have been stretched out of their normal shape and now they are about 4cm. i have a boyfriend and im scared of him seeing it. we have done stuff before, just it was in the dark and he never really saw what they looked like. im only 1*, all my friends dont have this problem and im afraid he will think i have something wrong... (20 replies)
Long vaginal lips
Dec 13, 2005
... From a guys perspective - he will not know that they are long, short, large, small etc so stop worrying! (20 replies)
... I have had a consult for labiaplasty but still thinking it over. I definately want it. As long as its not bothering you physically don't worry, men don't mind. ... (20 replies)
Long vaginal lips
Nov 28, 2005
... I noticed mine at age 10...........(im now 33) it FREAKED ME OUT!!! So, for many years i was totally insecure! Every womans vagina is completely different, i think what we do as women is porn and mag's..........which women's labia's look perfect, and definately arent hanging down! No wonder why we think we look freaky??? Im starting to accept it, as... (20 replies)
... First of all, that was an extremely hurtful thing for your boyfriend to say, and I really think you need to break up with him. You should never, ever, EVER allow a guy to say something that hurtful and let him get away with it. There was no reason for him to say it, and it just shows what a major jerk he is. You deserve way better than to be with a guy like that. Please... (37 replies)
... My current boyfriend has made a comment about long lips being gross. and loose. and i was extremely hurt to hear it. are guys usually like that? ... (37 replies)
... The outer lips are two folds of skin and fatty tissue. They can be large or small, short or long, and even two different sizes. ... (6 replies)
Odd inflictions
Apr 7, 2008
... which affects the rim of the helmet on my penis, and also specific areas and lines on my lips and around the mouth. It appears most strongly 'down there' yet is almost invisible up here. ... (3 replies)
... fingers on the labia..the lips of your vagina.. this happens usually because there is not enough lubrication on the lips of your vagina.. or just on the outside in general. As long as the itching goes away.. it should be nothing to worry about.. ... (4 replies)
... ok, this might sound weird/gross; this has only happened three or four times, but i get pimples on my outer lips (the vulva?) and now i have one a little bit outside of the out lips, but right next to it. its so weird, i have only ever had ONE partner in my life, we are both totally clean. can someone PLEASE give me any feedback? it would be enough to knwo that someone has... (0 replies)
... I think you have nothing to worry about! No to people have the same looking genitalia, be you male or female. The inner lips will vary in appearance as much as the outer lips will. Symmetry isn't a big deal so long as you are healthy, right? ... (5 replies)
... thank you for your reply but i only started noticing this after i started masturbating i think i sort of rubbed that area too much i guess :confused: (14 replies)
... Masturbating isnt effectng this,your growing is what is effecting it. All women have different types of lips when it comes to that area. Some are long and stretched looking while others have barely any lips at all. You shouldnt let it bother you because it is natural. ... (14 replies)
... screaming etc and can hold myself off for a long time. ... (14 replies)

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