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Lasting longer
Oct 12, 2005
... It isn't uncommon for a male who is inexperienced with sexual intercourse to ejaculate just as or shortly after he penetrates his partner's vagina. ... (9 replies)
... First off, you've used the word "sex" which can be interpreted to mean just the intercourse part, or the whole encounter. ... (5 replies)
... vagina intercourse at all. And in the interval after the first orgasm, you could help your partner have one too, by hand or mouth action. ... (2 replies)

... how can i last longer in intercourse (2 replies)
... Most younger men can be ready to go again within minutes. However, the suggestion to masturbate to delay orgam assumes that you do so before you start your date with her. For many, that helps, but for others, when they are with a real, live girl and it has been a few hours since they masturbated, they will still come pretty quickly. There are lots of tips for lasting... (2 replies)
... sensitive condoms, trying out new positions, and just time will all help you last longer during sex! Just have fun and experiment... and I think most guys last longer just with time. ... (1 replies)
Lasting longer????
Jan 17, 2005
... ting longer" generally refers to increasing the amount of time before a man ejaculates during intercourse, but it can also mean something else like staying erect longer after ejaculation. ... (3 replies)
... How can I last longer so sex is more enjoiable for both of us (especially my girlfriend)? (1 replies)
Lasting longer
Oct 13, 2005
... I have heard about masterbating before intercourse, i was always afraid to do that because one after doing anything sexual i usually dont get aroused again for longer then i would consider normal. ... (9 replies)
... things down a bit. I read somewhere that the average time from penetration to ejaculation while thrusting is somewhere between 3 and 7 minutes. Sure, some last longer and some are quicker...just depends. There are some things you can do....make sure that you do alot of foreplay, ensure that she has "fun" during that time. ... (5 replies)
... You can last longer if you stop for a while before you reach the point of no return. This is how most men last with intercourse. ... (8 replies)
Intercourse pain
Sep 27, 2005
... I have pain during penetration while having sex and masturbating with a dildo. Even though my bf's penis and my toy are average length and width and I'm sure that there's adequate lubrication, it is very painful during the deepest part of penetration for about the first 5 minutes. When this pain subsides, I get a pain and pressure in my rectum (during vaginal penetration) that... (1 replies)
... it's likely to take somewhat longer to climax, than if you only ejaculate, say, two or three times a week. ... (7 replies)
Am I normal?
Jul 30, 2003
... Hi, Most women do not have an orgasm thru intercourse and that is more than likely part of why you are not feeling anything. ... (5 replies)
... Any doctor will tell you that she is no longer a virgin because a penis has been in her. Time,movement,orgasm,and ejaculation arent counted in when deciding this. ... (10 replies)
... I'm not sure whether boys would consider having had anal sex as no longer being a virgin, though I would think not. ... (12 replies)
Jul 30, 2003
... uple may decide to give each other orgasms in advance of actual intercourse. This is especially important for women as many have difficulty reaching orgasm from intercourse alone. By bringing the woman to orgasm prior to intercourse it relieves the man from the concern of lasting until he satisfies his partner. ... (7 replies)
... Well Lazer, you have to get motivated because the only way that you are going to last longer is if you desensitize your penis. One of the ways of doing this is to have sexual intercourse an abundant amount. ... (57 replies)
... Looks like we replied at the same time! Okay, I've heard most women don't orgasm from intercourse alone. Wow, 15 min compared to me is a lot!! Is that 15minutes of intercourse? ... (5 replies)
... see a Dr. soon because if left untreated it can get much worse. You can also pass it onto you partner, and then he can continue passing them onto you. Sometimes intercourse can cause a woman to get a UTI. Ways to prevent it are for each person to wash down below before having intercourse. ... (5 replies)

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