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... That is more comon than you may think. In conversion with friends both male and female, I found out that almost everyone of them has (dose) use a pillow when masturbating. You shouldn't be embressed over it. (13 replies)
... Thats nothing at all, the first time I realised that part of my body could be stimulated like that was snuggling up to my Rupbert the bear toy, I used to rub his foot on my clit head. Very strange, but there you go, it's normal, so honestly, there is a lot stranger than humping a pillow! :) (13 replies)
... I do that kind of masturbating all the time.Though I do the traditional masturbation mostly now. (13 replies)

... There are many ways to masturbate, its normal, healthy and of course feels great. Dont be embarrassed. (13 replies)
... No need to me embarassed about the situation... its not harmful so dont worry about it and i sure theres hundreds of ppl doing it right now as you read my response. --MATT-- (13 replies)
... i used to do it before i got with my fiance'. dont need to but no, there's nothing wrong with that. im sure every girl has done it, but most are too embaressed to admitt it. (13 replies)
... hey EVERYBODY masturbatesm whether they admit it or not... (13 replies)
... its more common that you think.. i use the shower water.. i thought that was just me until i found out my best friend does the same thing.. dont worry whatever you like.. and gets you off is still masterbating no matter what form just dont hurt urself or others and itll be all good (13 replies)
... There is nothing wrong with masturbating against a pillow. I'd say it is one of the more common ways that masturbation takes place. What's important is that you enjoy yourself when you masturbate. Masturbation is a pleasure one gives oneself. How you choose to do it is no one else's business but yours. Do it in whatever way you enjoy. (13 replies)
... ive done it many times.. so id say it isnt that unusual and nah theres nothing wrong with it (13 replies)
... my x did the same thing. it's probly more common than you think. (13 replies)
... Hey whatever gets ya off as long as it doesn't hurt you or others....have fun! (13 replies)
... what's the harm? a stained pillow? this is not a problem. (13 replies)
... i cant believe im actually writing this im so embarassed! i masterbate a diffferent way than everyone else...i dont finger myself i hump a pollow. AHHH im so embarassed is that wrong? like does anyone else do that or is it just me? is there something wrong with me? please help!!! :o (13 replies)

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