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... Does Mastubation Has Aside Effect (2 replies)
Mar 24, 2011
... well i know for a fact that mastubation helps with the sex drive a lot because the more you masturbate the longer it will take to cum but stretching it will in fact help just dont over do it lol it might hurt. and i know this is personal but were you circumsised when you were born? if not then that might be the problem. But i can tell you if you shave down there then make... (10 replies)
... how many times can do mastubation? (2 replies)

... rent. I guess that you are circumcised and if so your technique will differ depending how tight your circumcision are. Too tight you might have no loose skin and mastubation might be a bit more difficult. Then you might need to use some lube to stimulate yourself till you orgasm. ... (3 replies)
... actully that is not intierly true. While masturbation is a good 50% pleasure there is other things you should know. 1. If you masturbate frequently and for a long period of time before having any form of sexual activity with a partner, it is some times harded to ejaculate and become hard seince your body is so used to your own technique 2. There are many studys out... (2 replies)
... only pleasure (2 replies)
... If your testicles have actually strunk then this is a serious disease matter caused not by low testosterone or masturbation but low pituitary hormones called LH and FSH. If your testicles are soft and mushy instead of firm to the touch and they are significantly smaller, then you must see a doctor. Such symptoms can be associated with very serious medical conditions. ... (19 replies)
... I've had this problem for a long time where mastubation almost controls my life, i hope someone can help. ... (8 replies)
... basically mastubation helps. the more you get used to being aroused the more youll be able to control it....good luck... ... (3 replies)
Not ejaculating?
Dec 21, 2005
... Kinda concerning me now; I can ejaculate through mastubation/a girl masturbating me etc, however I find it extremely difficult to ejaculate during sex,even after we been goin for quite a while... :confused: Anything to worry about? I think it could be due to the condom but I dunno... (0 replies)
... Yeah, soaps and shampoo can cause some skin irritation if used for masturbation. A lotion or lube are your best bets. (8 replies)
... does baby oil? (8 replies)
... Soap can really irritate the penis. Be careful with what you're using for lube. Actually hair conditioner works really well and is mild...its also usually convenient in the shower! Other things like hand lotion work great too. (8 replies)
... Yeah, using soap will light your skin right up. Even using any kind of lube, there's bound to be some friction ( and thus inflammation/irritation ) after a while. My penis got sore after 2 or 3 bouts of intercourse ( in one session ), no matter how wet my woman's vagina was. (8 replies)
... thanks i havce another wuestion if u do it once a day everyday is that bad? bad meaning like dangerose to ur health (8 replies)
... for masturbation u can use oil or water base liquids. NEVER USE SOAP OR SHAMPOO (8 replies)
... use lotion or vasiline or ky or astroglide..sumthin that'll move smoothly..have fun (8 replies)
... It's not unhealthy, although it may irritate the sensitive genitals. Consider a water-based lubricant such as KY Jelly. (8 replies)
... It depends on what type of soap you are using when you masturbate, some can cause irritation because they are too strong. Why not use some type of body lotion. (8 replies)
... please help me ive been masterbating for a few years now and last year ive learned how to masterbate using a lubrication for example soap is this unhealthy? (8 replies)

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