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... Definitely could be the condom.. try one that allows for more sensitivity. My boyfriend isn't as sensitive if we use a condom, so since we have both been tested and are monogamous, I just use the pill. I like it better without condoms too since they don't rub against me and feel uncomfortable! It is possible about her not being as tight down there since she has a kid.. but... (3 replies)
... uldnt really feel anything. It wasn't what I expected it to be. I couldnt really keep it erect. I was thinking it could be a couple of things. One is the type of condom I used. I used Lifestyle Primeribs. Are some condoms like better than others? ... (3 replies)
... question. Me and my boyfriend were having sex and right when he came, I had this weird hot feeling where the the tip of his head was. ... (1 replies)

Sep 26, 2004
... Genital Herpes, a no cure virus, of my private region... ... (11 replies)
... I understand the whole condom thing and it not feeling as good. I suggest using a latex condom to prevent STD'S and pregnancy. I use lambskin...weird at first... ... (8 replies)
... many guys seem to think it's "cool" to say they only do it "bare" because it seems more manly that way, or that a condom cuts down on the feeling, is "like taking a shower wearing a raincoat" etc. ... (13 replies)
Quick question
Mar 17, 2004
... r penis might squeeze out and flow on the outer surface of the condom. Generally, the amount would be too small to cause pregnancy, especially for a spermicidal condom and for a girl on the pill, but what take chances? ... (6 replies)
... some people snicker and giggle at that but that's how we feel. Anywho, we're are trying to attempt sexual intercourse. However, I can't keep my erection once the condom goes on. Before the condom goes on, like during foreplay, I can get good erection while we're just fooling around. ... (4 replies)
... There are various reasons why you should not put a condom over a foreskin that has not been retracted. ... (15 replies)
... myself about 10 times a day in a mirror and keep checking my body for any symptops, and I take my temperature twice a day, can't sleep well and am generally not feeling too good. ... (11 replies)
... The best protection for you to use is a condom and birth control pills. Since you are already using birth control thats good but next time make him use a condom. ... (6 replies)
... she said she was feeling ill. and today when i was on the phone to her she had to throw up. ... (5 replies)
... and be very careful about wearing the condom correctly and not tearing it. ... (19 replies)
... Does not hurt the WHOLE time during intercourse, usually just takes a bit for me to get used to the motion, and feeling, then there is no pain. ... (2 replies)
... d come to sex together was a few weeks ago after we'd both been drinking. We decided to go for it, but when it came to it, I found that I had trouble putting the condom on and I could not keep my errection. ... (1 replies)
... hout a lecture. Yes it hurts! Use lots of lubrication or you may tear. That is the acid feeling. I hope you are on birth contol and taking it religiously because no method is fool proof and a condom can break. Use a condom as well. ... (9 replies)
... I left feeling slightly sore but nothing out of the ordinary. He and I did not use a condom or any lubrication, but I am on birth control. ... (2 replies)
... Katican, please understand that the use of a condom is necessary for not only birth control but also, the transmission of STD's and worse. ... (17 replies)
Oct 16, 2007
... t come back from a nightvlub, he doesnt drink but i do so i had a few, not too many that i was drunk tho. Rite well we came home and had sex, without a condom. I no this was wrong and ive sed to myself that this sorta thing would never ever happen and it did and im so annoyed with myself. Always wear a condom n all that. ... (1 replies)
... m, every single time. It's not just for pregnancy protection, but for disease prevention. You can't look at a guy and know he is "clean"... Some diseases have no symptoms in men. Do you want to catch HIV, HPV, chlamydia, trich, herpes, etc? ... (6 replies)

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