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... Vagina lips come in different sizes. Some people have shorter ones, some have longer. It's nothing to worry about and completely normal! ... (2 replies)
... Because that is quite normal... Pia (2 replies)
Vagina Lips
Apr 9, 2003
... Hi i have vagina lips that are kind of big. I think its gross do all girls have them? ... (8 replies)

... Woa woa...almost everyone here seems to given you a downer, EVERY vagina is differen't. Since i'm not able to see your vagina and your description isn't thatt great i can say this to you.. ... (6 replies)
... There are two sets of lips when it comes to the VUVLA. The vuvla is the outside area of the vagina. The vagina is inside you. As for the lips it varies how much they stick out or not. There is not set standard for what is normal since we are all different. ... (14 replies)
... Hi, I love my gf's vagina, I love vaginas with fat outer lips, my gf's outer lips are not that fat but since she is skinny then they look fatter, specially in the middle of penetration, is that normal? ... (3 replies)
Vagina odor
Dec 5, 2003
... As for a vagina being smelly at times it is normal. ... (18 replies)
... thinking their genitals are somehow deformed. Your inner lips can be hidden by the outer lips, or they can stick out somewhat. What's the difference? ... (10 replies)
... this might be your hymen. many girls have different sized hymens. when the hymen is broken (it can be broken by sex,tampon,maturbation, or even extensice exercise) the extra hymen skin can hang down. lsearch google for broken hymens or something like that. maybe you can find one that looks like yours (6 replies)
... All of my friends say that it doesnt look rite and it looks different, what it is, my insides hang out, and it goes past my lips, it isnt my lips that are the problem its my insides. Ive never seen it before on anyone else, and everyone says that that it doesnt look normal!! ... (6 replies)
... or a hard flat object and rubbing it up and down and applying pressure, and like i said, ive been doing it for a long time now, until i started to notice that my vagina was diffrent then everybody else's...... ... (6 replies)
... Take a look at some sites on female anatomy, the vagina and vulva areas and get back to us as to where what you are talking about is located, just to verify it is your labia you are thinking about. ... (14 replies)
... jeez, you make it sound like all guys want is sex and they're so desperate for it. That's very incorrect. They will notice, however, they won't care. (10 replies)
... there are so many variations is womens vagina's that just about anything is normal...some women have large lips, some have small, some have small clitoris' some have larger ones. Trust me when i tell you that any guy your having sex with isn't going to say he's not going ot have sex with you because of your percieved problem. I think what he would pick up on is your uncomfort... (10 replies)
... ing if there are other people that have this too, is this normal, and does masturbating have an imapact on wether it will stretch more or not i just want to feel normal help!! ... (14 replies)
... i can't find my hymen OR my vaginal hole.. when i lifted the 2 inner lips of my vagina, all i could see was pink skin inside.. is this normal? ... (4 replies)
Jul 6, 2006
... Today I found a grey dot inside one of my vagina lips. It's about the size of a pea. It doesn't itch or hurt at all and it's not elevated and my discharge is normal but I am really worried. I am trying to get checked as soon as possible. Do you think it might be something like herpes or warts in the beginning stages? ... (3 replies)
... Yes, if you have your lips hanging out it is normal, as already mentioned try looking at some anatomy books. ... (14 replies)
... i have the same problem. i didn't know if it was normal until now either! i wont let my boyfriend see me naked because my lips are stretched... is that a turn off for guys? ... (14 replies)
Inner lips
Sep 30, 2005
... your vagina too. There's all kinds of vaginas and all normal.... ... (10 replies)

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