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... Im 16 and my bf is 17 and i am a virgin but have had alot of exsperenses with oral stuff ive given head 4 times and many hand jobs but ive never had a guys penis smell like his and im not sure what to think about it or is it a sign that he has something cause its been 2 weeks and my throat doesn't hurt or anything so i don't think its that, so then what is it ?? (1 replies)
Penis smell
Oct 17, 2004
... My bf has that...its not bad...its not good...its just penis smell. Now if I try to make the moves after he's been at the gym or whatnot...that is an entirely different story..esp since he's uncut. ... (14 replies)
Penis smell
Nov 24, 2004
... ebery man has his own distinct smell, so if washing it normally dosnt work just accept that its what you smell like (14 replies)

Penis smell
Oct 16, 2004
... i'm not sure what it is. it's like when i touch my penis and smell my hand, it's on my hand. it's not a good smell, but it's not a stink either. should i use like a special or different soap or something? ... (14 replies)
Bf's Penis!
Aug 27, 2004
... No, it's not normal to smell like fish. There really shouldn't be any smell at all. If he's not circumsized, perhaps he isn't cleaning under the foreskin. ... (9 replies)
Bf's Penis!
Aug 27, 2004
... well i dont know, maybe he does wash down there, and he had just ejaculated before that made it smell like that? ... (9 replies)
... ejaculate or semen which is breaking down. That would smell like fish. In that case, you need to be honest, and tell him that you would prefer that he wash before you have sex. ... (2 replies)
Penis smell
Oct 8, 2004
... Actually, it does have a distinct smell to it. At least mine does, too. But, like you said, you have to keep the thing clean. That scent is a telltale sign that it's been a bit too long. ... (14 replies)
Bf's Penis!
Aug 27, 2004
... Just last night, for the first time i saw my bf's looked really good, but i wont go into detail. I'm just asking, what is it suppose to smell like, coz when my bf had pulled it out with an erection, it smelt like fish..Oh well, just wondering if its Thanks. ... (9 replies)
Bf's Penis!
Aug 29, 2004
... My first thought when I read the question was how I've heard jokes for years about how some womens vaginas smell like fish. Not trying to accuse, but did that thought occur to any one else? ... (9 replies)
Smell issue....
Feb 5, 2006
... Then one day I asked him if he wanted me to give him head, and he said "Not today." This got me very nervous and I was very confused, feeling like maybe he wasnt interested in me. ... (7 replies)
... Im 16 and my penis and scrotum have recently started smelling of what i think smells like yeast. I have been in a sexual relationship with one person and there were no problems there. ... (4 replies)
... As these muscles contract I also feel a strain on my entire body, almost like pain. If I were a woman I'd wonder if I were going into labor! What is the cause of this problem? ... (1 replies)
Smell issue....
Feb 5, 2006
... Can you elaborate on exactly where the smell is coming from? ... (7 replies)
... As I said, masturbation itself shouldn't smell. If you already smell, for whatever reason, then masturbation is going to bring the smell out, spread it around, intensify it. Like sweaty armpits, for instance. If you run a mile after you've showered, smells just fine. ... (8 replies)
Sour smell
Mar 12, 2012
... this is obvious from the fact that you have to "bend down like four inches" from your scrotum to detect a smell. Guys don't normally do that. ... (10 replies)
May 8, 2004
... Eating fish and seafood does not cause your penis to smell like fish and seafood. While some foods do have an effect on how you smell, it's usually something that comes out of your pores over your entire body. ... (6 replies)
... dn't feel bad even though I didn't find the prostate and then I thought maybe I could try inserting something else and bought a cheap bullet vibrator which looks like a silver egg only smaller and vibrates. It is attached to a control unit with a cable. ... (3 replies)
... We've been together for a while, I always felt horrible smell but I tried putting up with it... dealing with it.. he gets very sensitive our sexual live so its kinda hard to even mention any odors. ... (2 replies)
... The best thing you can do is talk to your boyfriend about this. He is not cleaning himself enough. It is normal for the penis and surrounding area to take on an odor throughout the day. Depending on many factors, he may need to clean better or more often. ... (2 replies)

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