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... About 30 minutes later I'd stopped bleeding and we had sex. ... (0 replies)
... My period has stopped after i had sex... ... (7 replies)
Short period?
May 1, 2004
... The only time mine ever stopped short was when we took a trip to S. Carolina. Only lasted 3 days thankfully. The only thing I can figure, was just my reaction to the trip. I dunno. ... (1 replies)

Change period?
Feb 20, 2004
... I did the exact same thing once when i went on a vacation, started the birth control pill one week before i left so that i would get my period 1 week after I was back... ... (3 replies)
Mar 30, 2007
... I have had my period for about 5 years and it is usually pretty regular. ... (3 replies)
... Listen sweetie - you are VERY lucky to have an open relationship with your mom, that is GREAT! I don't have a clue why you haven't gotten your period yet, all I CAN tell you is that when I did have my period (I had ovarian cancer when I was 21 and stopped having period after they did a hysterectomy at age 22), I was never "on-time" - I always had whacked out periods, like one... (7 replies)
Short period?
May 1, 2004
... Aside from pregnancy, what could cause a period to be drastically shorter than usual? ... (1 replies)
... Yes i am telling EVERYTHING, in fact that is the main reason i stopped being sexually active last year was because i was concerned about getting pregnant and didnt want that. ... (7 replies)
Pregnancy Test
Apr 22, 2003
... ct fertility on a given month. I'm just trying to illustrate the fact that you are probably not pregnant, given that this incident took place so soon after your period stopped. ... (3 replies)
... I was on my period for 5 days and my flow had stopped to where it was not much at all so I had sex on the 5th day. ... (0 replies)
A little help
Feb 18, 2007
... I really don't know why..your period stopped? ... (2 replies)
... the only thing that concerns me is the fact that i started my period just a few days later...would it take my body longer than a few days to realize i was pregnant before my period stopped? ... (3 replies)
... I've tried both the family planning clinic and I was talking to my doctor when I had one and they both said nothing is wrong with me. I stopped taking birth control 6 months ago because I moved which is why my insurance doesn't help. ... (7 replies)
... sit your physician and see what they have to say. My understanding is that if your daughter has dropped below 100 pounds, that can be an obvious reason why she's stopped menstruating. ... (3 replies)
... my girlfriend and i had sex last night. her period started this morning and suddenly stopped less than 12 hours after starting. what does this mean? ... (5 replies)
Nov 22, 2009
... She wouldn't be ovulating the day after her period stopped. ... (4 replies)
... if a guy came inside of me without a comndom while i was on my period and it stopped for only the next day but came back, could i be pregnant? ... (1 replies)
... Hey, like the last poster, I was diagnosed with PCOS. My periods were irregular when I first got them (and quite heavy). I assumed they'd sort themselves out, but they didn't. I wish I'd investigated what was going on earlier because it wasn't until another symptom struck (acne) that I found out what was wrong - and I would have been a LOT happier if I could have avoided that.... (11 replies)
... it stopped but then two days later it started up like again. What the heck is going on? ... (1 replies)
Just a question...
May 24, 2006
... my girlfriend's period stopped one morning and we dicided to have sex. i didnt ejaculate but the condom broke. so as a precaution she washed herself with hot water and soap. ... (4 replies)

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