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... Masturbation doesn't help your penis to grow. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, i am very scared, i am sexually attracted to alot of girls. And alot of my friends have been gettin head from girls and their penis is like a normal size. And i want to get head and other stuff and they want me 2 and its very pressuring. ... (4 replies)
... First, your penis is ok, don't worry about that. When the penis is covered with the foreskin and can not be retracted that is called "Phimosis" but you say you can pull the skin back somewhat so that is a good thing. ... (1 replies)

... So i am pretty worried. My penis skin is attached to tip of the penis head. I heard that is pretty normal for a teen. But another thing is that my penis has this stickyness. IDK what to call it. I often get like small lint inside of my penis and it is pretty stick but its pretty easy to remove it. ... (1 replies)
... inches but I am not entirely sure about the teen average. Usually most males will keep growing all the time until late teens. The thing with teen penises are that everyone hits puberty at different times so I don't think there would be an accurate average. ... (2 replies)
... Sounds like you're still in puberty. I remember that time, when hormones were raging through my bloodstream. My penis was so engorged then, I remember it well. ... (7 replies)
... t of you, as stated, is still, "boyish" then the odds are high that you have not reached the point of puberty that will mature them yet. if it had been solely on penis size then I would say either is possible, but you sound like puberty is just late for you which happens. ... (5 replies)
... Hey, my penis size is 8 inches long, and about 6 1/2 inches in girth (circumfrance). Would that be to painful if stuck in the vagina? Please answer.. (2 replies)
Penis Bump
Dec 9, 2003
... I had a white/redish bump on the shaft of my penis, like half way up, a while ago... It went, came back. So now i have it at the moment, so i squeezed it(haha) and it sorta went redder and has like little dots on it looks like a scab i guess but doesnt feel like it. Think its a cyst, not sure, not worried either really, just wondering if ya'll could identify it?... (1 replies)
... started around the time I began growing pubic hair. I now have more hair than I can count. They are very small bumps, a few shades lighter than the color of my penis and surrounding area. There are around the base of my penis, on my scrotum, and about an inch up the shaft of my penis. There are way to many to count. ... (4 replies)
... teen and my penis is on a rock solid erection. ... (4 replies)
Penis size
Jul 1, 2003
... Hey, my name is Bryson and I'm writing concerning my penis size. ... (4 replies)
... I stretched my foreskin all the way back and clean out all of this hard stringy smegma. I find it quite hard to pull my forskin all the way back cause I think my penis is rather small when flacid. ... (2 replies)
Penis cancer
Sep 3, 2011
... Ok so ever since i was about 5 i had this lump weird story but as a kid i had put a power outlet and got shockec on my penis but yeah im a teen now an the lump is bigger and there are little surronding ones on my penis im and little pimples also im a virgin never had sex Idk what to do if its cancer shouldnt i been dead by now and ive gotten so many phyisicsl exams snd... (0 replies)
... I'm a teen male and i have a question about penis size!!! My penis is . Is that to small for my age or big for my age. I lost my virginity at 7 or 8 and I'm scared to kind of have sex cause I think my penis is small!! ... (1 replies)
... It depends....And everyone is different. We can't give you a definite answer, unfortunately. Penis growth happens during puberty...When you are finished with puberty, so is your penis growth. ... (4 replies)
... growth. For one, my penis is around 5 inches now, maybe half an inch more. It grew to this length all through middle school, and then for much of eigth grade it mostly stayed there. ... (4 replies)
... then go for it! The real stimulation of the penis comes from the inner foreskin, and the glans is shaped the way it is to provide stimulation of the foreskin as it moves back and forth over the corona. ... (10 replies)
... It's weird asking this but i have no idea what it is. Well, i'm a teen and I started masturbating a couple years ago, and I always used to use a really hard grip and i did this many times a day usually. ... (1 replies)
... Hello all, I'm very worried because the base of my penis is shrinking, in the past 3 months i would say i have noticed a very big change in the base of my penis, when i woke up today i noticed it was even smaller, it's just the base, it evens out towards the middle, but it is very scary, i am only a teen, and masturbated 1-2 times daily a couple weeks back, a little rough... (1 replies)

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