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... hey tym ... ive been experincing the same thing and i noticed that you never got a reply since april i was just wondering if you ever found out what it was?? ill appreciate it if you reply thanx (5 replies)
... Well to start off, im a diabetic, and 4 days ago, i started feeling pain in my right testicle for some weird reason. The pants i was wearing were kinda rubbing against it, which made me notice the pain. ... (5 replies)
... ine. For starters, everything I have found look at least slightly bigger than mine, but that's not concerning me. I am slightly worried by the fact that my right testicle is larger and lower than my left. ... (14 replies)

... t, but looking in a mirror I am sure that anyone would see it with any more than a passing glance. I'm honestly not sure how I failed to notice it until I did my testicle exam. I guess I just assumed that they were normal until I had reason to think about it. ... (14 replies)
... Just how uneven are yours? I imagine it would be pretty hard to detect differences in testicle sizes just from images on the web unless one was significantly larger (like over half an inch). Is that how much difference you have? Also, if you're worried about what a partner would think, they won't be performing an exam on you, doing exact comparisons (like you're doing).... (14 replies)
... I was thinking that the testicle is actually somewhat oval. ... (12 replies)
... Not a chance, insurance companies aren't that easily fooled.LOL.. Look at it this way: If they were perfectly even, then you wouldn't be normal, and then you would wonder why yours looked deformed like the web pictures, and not like all the other guyes! Hey, there are times when they are even! When ever we get into cold water, both testicals shrink up, drawing closer to our... (14 replies)
... That gives me a devious and crazy idea. I could pretend to be in pain so that insurance would pay to have them fixed. Yeah, I'd never do that, but it's a thought. I'd really like to get these fixed. (14 replies)
... There is a medical condition that causes one to hang lower then the other, but it is extremely painful and you would know if you had it. That requires surgery to fix. I'm sure you could go to a plastic surgeon and get them to make them hang the same way but that would cost a lot (insurance doesn't pay for cosmetic surgery unless an injury causes it) and the risk... (14 replies)
... Yeah, I know, but just look at testicles on the web. A quick web search gives you quite a few photos and they all look pretty symmetrical to me. Even when they aren't exactly even, they sure are a lot more even than mine! I guess the real futility is the fact that there is nothing that I can do to make my testicles the same size. That's true after all, isn't it? There's no... (14 replies)
... Not really, but it's sort of indulging in the same futility as a woman wanting her breasts to be the same size. Rarely happens. Humans just aren't perfectly symmetrical beings. :) (14 replies)
... Yeah, okay. I guess I'm convinced. Maybe I am normal. But I guess it's also normal for me to wish that I was more normal than I am. As normal as you tell me I am, I'm still not the most normal. I would definitely appreciate being a lot more normal. Is it too much to ask for my testicles to be the same size? (14 replies)
... If you're not having any pain or problems, you're fine. Those medical pictures of testicles aren't always beleivable as seeing real pictures. If you're still not convenced that we all have different sizes, and hang at different angles, then check out some real pictures of naked men. That would be safer than a locker room.LOL.. The pictures, you can view in the privacy of your... (14 replies)
... Relax, you sound as if your testicles are fine. It is normal for one to be larger than the other, and also hang at a different height so don't worry. (14 replies)
... Thanks. That sounds very comforting, but I don't see one hanging lower than the other when I look at pictures of other people's testicles on the web. I looked around a bit before asking here and I managed to convince myself that I wasn't normal. Not everyone has to be normal, I know, and I think there is probably nothing wrong with me, but I can't stop worrying about it. ... (14 replies)
... its normal for one to be slighly larger then the other and to hang lower. and its good to self examine looking for lumps and tenderness. tenderness means you just touch it and it causes pain. just gently roll them around between your fingers. (14 replies)
... That's good to know, though not entirely comforting. It's hard to be sure how much asymmetry still qualifies as "a little bit". I guess I'm only a little asymmetric, but when I look at myself in the mirror I certainly do not look symmetric, and I don't feel symmetric. If only a little bit of asymmetry means that I'm symmetric at first glance, then I've got more asymmetry than... (14 replies)
... A little bit of asymmetry is ok. If one of them is 3 times the size of the other, that would be cause for concern, but I doubt that's the case. And, yes, they are supposed to be sensitive if pressed on hard. Getting hit there is only funny on TV. Young men should make a habit of periodically examining their testicles by sight and touch, checking for sudden changes that... (14 replies)
... low Test. or i might have ED. i have had wet dreams before and i do get morning erections, most of the time, but there not very hard. I feel like i might have a testicle problem also, because when i get an erection my testicles seem to continue to sag like if i was limp. im very worried. ... (1 replies)

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