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Too much precum
Feb 13, 2004
... Totally normal. If you see a hot girl and you get hard it's normal for a little cum to come out. However, everytime you get an errection you shouldn't precum. ... (10 replies)
Too much precum
Feb 13, 2004
... Yes it is totally normal to get precum with sexual thoughts and erections. Some guys, like yourself, produce a lot while others never produce any at all. I'm in the latter category. ... (10 replies)
Too much precum
Feb 13, 2004
... All my life I have leaked too much precum. I only have to think naughty thoughts and I start to get wet. ... (10 replies)

Precum existance
May 28, 2004
... Most doctors agree that precum has no sperm, unless possibly the male has had a recent ejaculation. Still, some swear to have gotten pregnant from precum, so it is best to treat precum as semen. ... (1 replies)
Too much precum
Feb 17, 2004
... I'm similar to you, it's not getting hard that produces the precum, it's how "hot" mentally I am. ... (10 replies)
Too much precum
Feb 13, 2004
... I have been like this for as long as I can remember. The only time that I ever failed to produce any precum, was during a few months while I was on a certain prescribed medication. But I also could not cum while on it either. ... (10 replies)
Too much precum
May 21, 2004
... I'm exactly like 6 foot 2. It's a mental stimulation effect, not a physical, that produces the most precum with me. ... (10 replies)
Too much precum
Feb 21, 2004
... y geared up will make it kick in but sometimes it just happens, even when daydreaming, etc. I also leak a lot, and have for as long as I can remember. Happens to me even without an erection too. Can be embarrassing, but not much you can do about it. ... (10 replies)
Too much precum
Mar 28, 2004
... It is perfectly normal. You would be surprised on how this may be a good thing. The advantages are that the girl doesn't need to lube herself up and believe it or not alot of girls get turned on by feeling a wet slick penis that is ready to penetrate. ... (10 replies)
... Oh one other thing, wet dreams are not just a way coming because you have a dirty dream but it is the bodies way of saying there is to much stored and it needs to be released. I had wet dreams from age 14 through to 17 and even now I have the odd one. ... (5 replies)
... Contrary to popular belief, precum is not produced by the body for lubrication purposes. The sliding motion of the foreskin provides the necessary "lubrication" for sex and masturbation. ... (2 replies)
Precum questions
Feb 26, 2006
... Ive read up on precum alot lately and everywhere ive been its pretty much said that precum is always there and it gets girls pregnant. ... (9 replies)
Sep 14, 2003
... I know that there can be sperm in precum but does anyone actually know what the chances are of getting pregnant from precum. ... (9 replies)
... recum. The belief is propagated, and a few women have sworn they got pregnant that way, but the scientific evidence is not there. What science does show is the precum does not contain much, if any sperm, and that it takes a lot of sperm to protect the one cell that might ultimately find the egg. ... (3 replies)
... Out of curiosity, what makes you think you only leaked a little bit of precum on the last time? ... (14 replies)
... sorry to say that you are no longer a virgin. Anytime a guy goes in you at all no matter how much or "not all the way" it is considered intercourse and you are no longer a virgin. ... (5 replies)
Health prob?
Sep 25, 2003
... some kissing and hugging will make me release some precum ..... ... (4 replies)
... If you dont wanna read the story and jsut want to help.. ... (5 replies)
... To continue this question a little bit. I have been having sex for awhile and never had precum issues, as in I have never had precum. ... (4 replies)
Precum Question
Nov 30, 2006
... but i think im rite becaus eif i remember correctly, precum an dsperm come from different places. ... (8 replies)

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