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... and maybe touches the new condom, if he had a little bit of sperm on his hands, and the condom had spermicide on it, and if his hand may have barely touched the vagina with a little bit of sperm, and spermicide on it, and afterwords you washed the vagina with warm soapy water, is it very possible to get pregnant? ... (8 replies)
... risk of bacterial vaginosis, also simply because you don't notice a problem it still does not mean it's not going to cause irritation, yeast infections or UTI's in the future. ... (31 replies)
... Finally, sperm can get to and through the cervix in a few minutes. ... (7 replies)

... natural wetness of your own, some lube may be required and if there is not enough lubrication, the condom is more likely to break. Be sure he withdraws from the vagina immediately after ejaculation because if he starts to become soft, the condom can slip off in the vagina. ... (9 replies)
... will make this more comfortable. When the penis enters the vagina without a condom the foreskin should be forward to use the gliding action of the foreskin and make entry easier. ... (3 replies)
Please help
May 26, 2005
... Those little sperm in semen are pretty good at their job. However, they aren't that good! Undewear does a good job of creating a barrier.. ... (5 replies)
Apr 6, 2005
... Unless he had some precum or actually ejaculated and it was put in or on your vagina, I'd say no. Even if he had precum and touched your vagina, I seriously doubt anything managed to get inside to get you pregnant. ... (10 replies)
Mar 5, 2005
... ejaculatory fluid is released. If it's inside the vagina the likelihood is probably greater than if it came in contact with the vulva. ... (3 replies)
I need help fast
Nov 17, 2003
... It is a big myth that a single sperm applied to the opening of the vagina can get a girl pregnant. Ain't no way. ... (8 replies)
... you probably make a little cut in your hymen or in the sorrounding area while your masturbation. Stop doing it for two or three days and have a good clean of the area with water. ... (2 replies)
Am I pregnant?
Jul 31, 2003
... cummed. He just wiped off himself. The later on he fingered me. He went all the way in as far as he could go. ... (3 replies)
Teen with probs...
Apr 24, 2004
... Frank, the problem is not so much soap in your peehole, other than it stinging somewhat. ... (10 replies)
... al as eating, drinking, sleeping, going to the bathroom. These are all bodily functions encouraged and carried through by strong chemical and hormonal reactions in the body. ... (11 replies)
... A tight vagina will generally not cause the male pain. More likely the woman will be uncomfortable until she is properly aroused and lubricated. ... (13 replies)
The Pool?
Dec 26, 2004
... You can have sex wherever you want. The pool water has a lot of chlorine in it so it may cause the vagina to feel dry even though you're in all that water. I'd probably do it somewhere else personally. ... (17 replies)
... If the semen is close enough to actually get inside, then yes, but not likely. It has to get past the cervix too. Yes, semen can stay alive and viable in water although I don't know for how long. ... (3 replies)
Burning pain
Aug 12, 2004
... If so, you need to pee before and after sex to help prevent this. You should also stay away from bubble baths and soap in you vaginal area. Clean it with water. Cranberry juice is good, too. Lay off the soda and drink more water. You should see a doctor. ... (5 replies)
... Hi ppl, I am in a dilema. I haven't had my period for 43 days now! I don't know whats wrong. Here are my worries. ... (3 replies)
... Can you put a finger in your vagina? ... (1 replies)
First Time
Feb 1, 2007
... u immediately after ejaculating and doesn't wait a few seconds or minutes until he starts to become soft, that increases the chance that the condom will fall off in your vagina. ... (5 replies)

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