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... What to do if your penis hurts when you pee (3 replies)
... What do you do? ... (3 replies)
... im a teen and i masturbate alot but some times i do it so much in one day that it makes my penis hurt really bad to the point where i cant masturbate for a day or to is that bad? ... (1 replies)

... it's nature's way of saying "leave me alone, I need to rest". ... (1 replies)
... if it hurts when you pee (1 replies)
... see your doctor. ... (1 replies)
... Pain while urinating is often a urinary tract infection... and it's very important to go to the doctor for this or it will get worse. You can get these from different things, so it's nothing to be embarrassed about. ... (3 replies)
... go to a doc and find out why and get it treated. ... (3 replies)
... I think what you might be describing is a foreskin adhesion. Are you saying there's an area between your glans and foreskin that can get smegma trapped in it, but it's only open a little bit at the underside of your penis? ... (5 replies)
... I am 17 and a half yrs old but my penile length when flaccid is about 6cm sometimes less and the diameter is 3 cm from the head of the penis. ... (7 replies)
Penis size
Jan 3, 2005
... she gets some medication at the store everytime it happens but it always come backs , and i think , what can cause this? ... (5 replies)
... No. This is pretty common. Even though oral sex can feel great, many men do have difficulty coming this way. It might be because there is less overall contact or maybe it is just anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... In my opinion I think you should be learning everything when your with a partner. I wouldn't want to pop my own cherry with some dildo or something. ... (8 replies)
... The more you use it the better the sensitivity will get and touch will gradually become pleasurable. You probably need to put two fingers in the end of the froeskin and gently pull them apart until it feels a little uncomfortable. ... (10 replies)
... and i just realized you have to pull your foreskin back to clean your penis. ... (10 replies)
Err.. hymen?
Feb 17, 2007
... okay, well, im very young but i act very mature for my age when it comes down to this stuff. and i absoloutely HATE talking to my mom about this, because she always thinks that ive BEEN having sex or something stupid like that. ... (11 replies)
... must be young!! LOL.. so you know.. alot of guys do not like to go down on girls.. Boys mainly.. the less experience he has the more likely he won't WANT to do that. But SAVEING that... that's nothing.. and only hurts you. ... (10 replies)
... It is prolly what is called "head cheese," which is the skin cells that have rubbed off. If they stay under the skin they keep collecting, and when you ad the moisture in with it, it can get kinda gross. When you take a shower, make sure that you clean under the foreskin. ... (2 replies)
Sep 11, 2006
... Consequently, there is no real "normal." There is only what works for you and your partner. If you require 20 mins of stimulation...then you need to simply communicate that to your partner and then your needs will be met. ... (4 replies)
... so anyways, we fooled around a bit.. anyways, when she put her hand down there and put pressure on my clit, it HURT so badly. i had forgot to tell her. when i put on my jeans sometimes, it causes pain there too. and my jeans aren't all that tight either.. ... (19 replies)

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