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... hi i am 16, as long as i can remember back, probably since i was 12 ive had a 3 and a half inch penis when erect, and its still the exact same size. i have tons of pubic hair probably 2 inchs before i shaved it, yet i dont see even a centimeter on my penis size. ... (9 replies)
... I have been married twice have 2 kids,divorced twice not likely due to penis size and since the divorces have had sex with many women online so I would try not to worry about it,if you have a chance for sex go for it. ... (9 replies)
... Um ok why are you so worried about ur size anyways? ... (5 replies)

Penis size
Mar 20, 2004
... If girls in your school are joking about guys their age having small penises it just shows how little they know. We men actually have an advantage over the women. ... (5 replies)
... well apparently i have the penis size of a 9 year old, so of course i have to turn down sex. ... (9 replies)
... Please could anyone shed any light on this as Im am very worried about him. ... (9 replies)
My Penis Size
Feb 27, 2007
... Ok well heres the story. I sent my girlfriend a picture of my erect penis because she kept asking me to. The last time i showed her my penis was like 2 years ago because she lives far away. ... (5 replies)
... As for penis size, I'm sure you're aware that there are some that do have small penises. I'm one of them. ... (9 replies)
... well i'm a guy in my late teens and i'm a sexual psycollegy major and the only problem u have is ur worried about the size ur avg size, and u only need a good tounge and fingers to please a girl well b/c most girls dont get a orgasim from intercourse. and anyway the vagina only has nerve endings in the first 2 inches anyway so a 7 in penis and a 5 in penis does the same job (7 replies)
... Well I am assuming you are talking about penis size though whenever you give the size it just says . I will say that there are plenty of girls that don't care and plenty who do. ... (2 replies)
Penis Size
Jul 1, 2009
... y, my girlfriend of 3 months asked me if I was ready for sex, and it was one of the hardest questions she has ever asked me. I am currently sixteen, and slightly worried about the size of penis. . ... (2 replies)
Penis size
Dec 3, 2006
... I'm bulit like you. I'm tall and very slim and can see that most likely your larger size is exaggerated beacuse of your small body size, especially in a pair of scant swimmer's trunks. ... (4 replies)
Penis size
Jan 13, 2012
... ok so im a lil worried about the size of my penis because me and my girlfriend might have sex tomorow i have no clue but would appreciate ur guys help (1 replies)
... You can keep on growing down there until about the age of 21.. so no worries, you can definitely still be growing! Especially if you haven't got facial hair yet. ... (9 replies)
... wow... and i thought i was small, im 3" flaccid, and 5.5" erect. How long is your flaccid state? the same length as your erection? If you have passed your growth spurt, there is no more growing down there... Just learn the live with it, have you heard of G.G Allin? infamous punk rocker who goes all naked at concerts etc? he has a small (button) cock too but he doesn't... (9 replies)
... hey.. lols.. my boifriends size is about the same.. and u can tell him that guys may seem to have long bick penis when they are hard.,.. but trust me when they arent hard.. its not as big as u think it would be lols.. just tell him that the size doesnt matter to u.. ... (9 replies)
... ou have several questions here so I will attempt to explain them to you in the order I read them. First, as far as I am aware there is no "standard" growth for a penis during puberty. ... (2 replies)
... i was just a little worried about my penis size. ... (2 replies)
Penis Growth
Jun 11, 2009
... Hi. I'm a little worried about my penis size. I have pubic hair and sperm and everything, but it just doesn't want to seem to grow. I am also starting to get a little bit of armpit hair too. ... (0 replies)
... Hi i am 16years old nearly 17 in a couple of weeks, and I think my penis size is small. I am not sexually active yet and the main reason is that im worried about my penis size being too small and wanted to know if it will grow any more and if not is there any alternatives to make it grow. Can anybody shed light on this? ... (3 replies)

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