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The test for TPO is only so accurate. It's maybe as much as 20% false negative. It's possible to have Hashi's with a negative test result. The only 100% positive test for it is tissue biopsy, but that's done only to check nodules for cancer and not just for Hashi's diagnosis alone.

Healthy people might sometimes have a very small titer of TPO Abs, maybe up to 3; but with your high-normal TSH, low-normal FTs, and plenty of symptoms, it's very unlikely your TPOs are "normal".

I'd advise you stop trying to get a diagnosis from and endo. They are arbitrary and most likely to use lab reports and ranges as their gospel. Even when they do give a diagnosis, they're most likely to be stingy about dosage, and they disregard symptoms altogether.

An old-timey general or family practitioner may be more willing to help. Try finding one with some experience under his belt, not just out of school nor ready to retire.
An internist or DO would be a better choice than almost any endo.

Some people have reported finding a good thyroid doc by asking their local pharmacists for names of MDs whose Armour thyroid scripts they fill. Most mainstream doctors refuse to prescribe Armour, but those who do are more thyroid-savvy than ones who won't. Ask the pharmicist him/herself, not just the counter help. If the first won't help, ask as many as you can till one will.

Another member here reported finding a great thyroid doc by putting out the word on all her social media.

Good luck to you. Don't give up!

Edit to add: There should be a smart enough doctor somewhere in your area to know that prescribing thyroid hormone for you with your borderline labs might shrink those nodules and prevent new ones from forming.
You could use that as a major point in your argument for treatment now instead of allowing 'them' to stand around idly while your gland sprouts growths willy-nilly.

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