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I hadn't heard that, so I looked it up and found it's really true.

I find it highly irritating to know she's my age and can so easily get her needed med. That's what money will do for you.
I've taken Armour almost 12 years. This year, I turned 65 and went on Medicare. In its 'infinite wisdom' [Yes, you detect my intended sarcasm there.], Armour is now considered a "high risk" drug for those 65 or older.
Although I'm not using an ACA insurance plan, I am a victim of that law, which has effected changes in Medicare rules that have put handcuffs on the way doctors practice. It has declared that doctors are technically [i]permitted[/i] to prescribe desiccated thyroid, but they will be fined up to 20% of their annual income if they do. Pharmacies are required to report doctors who send them desiccated thyroid scripts so that the MDs (as well as the pharmacy) can be targeted for punishment. How many MDs in their right minds would prescribe it?
How much longer will pharma companies manufacture a drug that MDs will not prescribe for the majority of their patients?

"Prior authorization" to prescribe - which used to be granted when the patient has safely taken that drug for years and switching would be unadvisable - will not be granted for [B]any[/B] reason.

This is not the US I grew up in, folks. For now, I'm using illicit methods to get my Armour. Fortunately, I have a doctor willing to help me do it. But he's no spring chicken, so I worry a lot for my future. Also, he says that he has colleagues who took early retirement because of all the ACA's intolerable new rules. He may choose to go that route himself, because he's so dissatisfied with government bureaucrats dictating how he may treat his patients. When the act was first passed, experts predicted that there would be a shortage of primary care doctors within 10 years. Those predictions are proving to be accurate.

This is not only true for desiccated thyroid, but for a lengthy list of commonly used meds such as sleep aids, pain relievers, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants ... A pages-long list of meds that the elderly have relied on to ease them through old age. If those of you reading this are not old now, rest assured you will be before you realize time has marched on. Be forewarned.

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